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Traduções principais
passo pace, step, walk, gait
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Traduções principais
step n (footstep) (pisada)passo sm
 He took three steps before he stopped and turned.
 Ele deu três passos antes de parar e virar-se.
col n (geography: pass in mountain ridge)passagem, colada sf
  colo, passo, desfiladeiro sm
footsteps npl (sound: stepping feet)passo sf
 There were footsteps and then screaming in the hall.
 Ouviram-se passos e depois gritos no corredor.
step n (dance move) (movimento de dança)passo sm
 This next tango step is difficult, so pay attention.
 O próximo passo de tango é difícil, então preste atenção.
stride n (gait)passo sm
 Linda walked with a determined stride.
gait n (fast, slow) (modo de andar)passo sm
 Nancy had trouble keeping up with Shaun's rapid gait.
Traduções complementares
pass interj (I don't know the answer)passo interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 "Jenna, what's the answer to number twelve?" "Pass."
 "Jenna, qual é a resposta para a pergunta número doze?" "Passo."
pass n (mountain pass) (na montanha)garganta sf
  (montanha)passo, desfiladeiro sm
 There is a pass through the mountains thirty kilometres north of here.
step n (sound of a footstep)passo sm
 I heard the steps as she approached.
step n (small distance) (distância pequena)passo sm
 The clubhouse is just a few steps away.
step n (stage in a process)etapa, fase sf
  passo, estágio sm
 You need to wash the metal after each step of the process.
track n US (line of movement)passo sm
 If you are not sure of the dance steps, just follow my track.
gap n (mountain pass) (depressão profunda entre montanhas)brecha sf
  desfiladeiro, passo sm
 The main way through the mountains is the gap 20 km. north of here.
foot n (tread, step)passo sm
 With each foot he took he was drawing nearer the edge.
pace n (speed) (velocidade)passo sm
 The leading runner sets the pace in a race.
pace n (step)passo sm
 She moved with a rapid but short pace.
pace n (measured distance)passo sm
 They stood ten paces apart.
skip n (gait)passo sm
 She walked with a light skip, like a young girl.
leap n figurative (action involving risk) (figurado)salto sm
  passo sm
 The venture require a leap of faith from investors.
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Formas compostas:
amble vi (stroll) (passear)esquipar v int
  andar a passo lento loc v int
amble n (leisurely pace) (passo lento)esquipação sf
  furta-passo sm
at a slow pace adv (slowly) (lentamente)num passo lento loc adv
 The tortoise won the race, even though he went at a slow pace.
baby step (small step) (informal, figurado)passo de bebê sm
  pequeno passo sm
backward step n (movement towards a starting point or to the rear)um passo atrás sm
 Take a backward step so you won't be so close to the edge!
backward step n figurative (retrograde action)um passo atrás sm
 He took a backward step when he had to quit his job.
bite off more than you can chew v expr figurative, informal (accept an overly ambitious task)dar um passo maior do que a perna expres v
 Gabriella thought she would enjoy being team leader, but she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
blow-by-blow adj informal (account: detailed)passo a passo advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 The eyewitness gave a blow-by-blow description of the horrific event.
career move n (action affecting professional success)passo na carreira loc sm
  aposta profissional loc sf
 If you do an MBA degree, it could be a good career move that helps you to get a promotion.
change of pace n (refreshing deviation from the usual)mudança de ritmo expres sf
  mudança de passo expres sf
  mudança na rotina expres sf
 The water fight was a wonderful change of pace after working in the garden. Tonight's dinner is a welcome change of pace from the usual meat and potatos.
come forward vi phrasal (move to front)dar um passo à frente loc vt
 The preacher said; "Come forward now if you feel the spirit."
crawl n figurative (slow pace) (passo lento)passo de tartaruga expres
 At rush hour, traffic slows to a crawl.
creep n figurative (slow movement) (movimento lento)passo de tartaruga expres
 Kate watched the creep of the moonlight across the roof. At rush hour, traffic moves at a creep.
dance move n (movement or step in dancing)passo de dança loc sm
 The hip-hop dance style has taken some of their dance moves from belly dance.
dance step n (foot movement: part of a dance)passo de dança loc sm
edging forward n (act of advancing slowly) (pop, avançar lentamente)passo de tartaruga loc sm
  lentidão sf
fast pace n (brisk or rapid rhythm)passo rápido loc sm
 He walked at such a fast pace that it was difficult to keep up with him.
follow on from [sth] vi phrasal (be the next step)ser o próximo passo loc vt
 This action follows on from the decision taken last month.
get a leg up v slang, figurative (gain an advantage) (obter vantagem)dar um passo à frente loc vt
get ahead of yourself v expr (think or act prematurely) (expressão)dar o passo maior que a perna loc verb
  precipitar-se verb refl
go one step further v expr figurative (do [sth] more extreme)ir um passo adiante expres v
  dar um passo adiante expres v
  dar um passo à frente expres v
 This year the team went one step further and won both domestic cup competitions.
 Esse ano, a equipe foi um passo adiante e ganhou ambas as competições da compra nacional.
in step adj (walking or dancing in rhythm) (dança)no passo loc adj
  no ritmo loc adj
 Our dancing was awful last night: we weren't in step most of the time.
in step with expr figurative (in harmony with) (figurado: em harmonia)acompanhar o passo, acompanhar o ritmo expres
  em sintonia, no compasso de expres
 Rachel had been very careful to stay in step with her colleagues.
make a breakthrough v (make an important advance)dar um passo revolucionário loc v int
  fazer uma descoberta loc vt
 After years of study they made an important breakthrough in cancer research.
misstep n figurative (faux pas, error) (figurativo, erro, engano)passo em falso loc sm
one step at a time adv (gradually, progressively)passo a passo loc adv
  um pouco por vez loc adv
pacemaker n (device: regulates heartbeat) (aparelho para coração)marca-passo sm
 Bob needs surgery to replace his pacemaker.
pacer n (pacemaker) (aparelho que regula os batimentos cardíacos)marca-passo sm
preliminary step n (initial measure or action) (medida ou ação inicial)passo inicial sm
  etapa preliminar sf
shuffle n (slow walk)passo arrastado sm
  passo lento sm
 The old lady moved across the road at a shuffle.
sidestep n (step to one side) (passo para o lado)esquiva sf
  passo oblíquo loc sm
 Andy did a sidestep to avoid stepping in the puddle.
sneaking n (moving stealthily)passo furtivo loc sm
 No one noticed Adrian's sneaking in the dark.
step by step adv (in stages) (por etapas)passo a passo loc adv
  aos poucos loc adv
  por etapas loc adv
step forward vi phrasal (move towards the front) (mover-se para frente)dar um passo à frente expres v
  mover-se para frente expres v
 When you hear your name called, please step forward.
step up the pace v expr (increase speed) (aumentar a velocidade)acelerar o passo expres v
  acelerar o ritmo expres v
  (informal)apertar o passo expres v
stepper n (stepping motor)motor de passo loc sm
stump n (heavy tread)passo pesado sm
 Amanda heard the stump of Tim's boots coming up the path.
take the plunge v expr figurative (commit to [sth](figurado: ter coragem)dar o próximo passo expres
  comprometer-se vp
 After dating for a year, they decided to take the plunge and get married.
the way forward n figurative (how to progress, what to do next) (como progredir, o que fazer em seguida)o próximo passo loc sm
toe the line v expr figurative (conform)entrar na linha expres v
  acertar o passo expres v
 The boss told the new employee that he would do well as long as he toed the line.
up to speed expr (know the current situation)atualizado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  (figurado, ciente da situação atual)no passo expres
whereas conj (while in contrast) (formal)enquanto conjconjunction: Connects words, clauses, and sentences--for example, "and," "but," "because," "in order that."
  (formal)ao passo que loc conj
 He likes broccoli, whereas she hates it.
 Ele gosta de brócolis, enquanto ela os detesta.
 Ele gosta de brócolis, ao passo que ela os detesta.
whilst conj UK, dated (whereas)ao passo que loc conj
  enquanto conjconjunction: Connects words, clauses, and sentences--for example, "and," "but," "because," "in order that."
 Whilst I like cats, my wife prefers dogs.
within a stone's throw of adv figurative, informal (near) (figurado, informal)a um passo de loc adv + prep
  (informal)bem perto de, bem pertinho de loc adv + prep
  (informal)logo ali advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 I live within a stone's throw of the river.
wrong move n informal (error) (informal, figurado: erro)passo em falso loc sm
  (formal: erro)movimento errado loc sm
  (informal, figurado: erro)má jogada loc sm
 Telling me to follow his advice was definitely a wrong move. I realize now that buying that new car was a wrong move.
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