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pedido smpetition, request, solicitation nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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order n (restaurant, etc.)  (restaurante, etc.)pedido sm
 Has the waiter taken your order?
 O garçom já anotou o seu pedido?
order n (sales order)pedido sm
 We have sent your order for new chairs.
order n (purchase order)pedido sm
  encomenda sf
 I have sent you my order for a new table.
request n (solicitation)pedido sm
  solicitação sf
 The request was denied for lack of funds.
request n ([sth] asked for)pedido sm
 What is his request? A pen and paper? Give it to him.
 Qual é o pedido dele? Uma caneta e papel? Dê isso a ele!
suit n (courtship)  (de casamento)pedido sm
 He pleaded his suit, but she still would not agree to marry him.
application n (loan, job, etc.)  (empréstimo, emprego)pedido sm
 His application for a loan was rejected.
 Seu pedido de empréstimo foi rejeitado.
proposal n (marriage offer)  (de casamento)proposta sf
  pedido sm
 He went down on one knee as he made his proposal of marriage.
ordered adj (requested)  (solicitado)pedido adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
challenge n (military)  (militar)pedido de senha loc sm
 The guard gave a challenge to the visitor, demanding the password of the day.
request n (written petition)pedido, requerimento sm
  petição sf
 The request was forwarded to the company president for his signature.
touch n (request for money)pedido de empréstimo loc sm
   (gíria)facada sf
 That was a touch for five thousand dollars! How rich does he think I am?
entreaty n (plea)rogo, pedido sm
  súplica, solicitação sf
unasked adv (without being asked)sem ser pedido loc adj
as ordered adv (according to an order placed)conforme solicitado, conforme pedido loc adv
 The waiter brought the customers their meal as ordered.
by request adv (in response to a request)a pedido loc adv
 By popular request, Susan sang an encore.
make a plea v (plead, appeal for [sth])  (suplicar, implorar, pedir)fazer um pedido loc vt
 The film star made a plea to the public on behalf of the earthquake relief fund.
 They all made a 'not guilty' plea in court.
on demand adv (as and when requested)por encomenda, a pedido loc adv
 The shop doesn't stock fresh milk, but they'll order it for you on demand.
Are you ready to order? expr (question to restaurant customer)  (restaur., pergunta feita ao cliente)Já escolheu seu pedido? exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
at the request of [sb] adv (in response to [sb] asking)a pedido de alguém loc adv
 At the request of the Headteacher the teachers attended a conference.
citizenship application n (formal request to change nationality)  (pedido formal de mudança de nacionalidade)pedido de cidadania loc sm
  pedido de nacionalidade loc sm
 The way to become a citizen is by filling out a citizenship application.
donation request n (drive or plea for charity contributions)pedido de doação loc sm
 Today's mail delivery was normal -- 14 donation requests and the electric bill!
file for adoption v (apply to be a child's legal guardian)entrar com pedido de adoção loc vt
back order pedido em atraso
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