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pedra sfstone nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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rock n (a stone, a piece of rock)  (uma pedra, um pedaço de rocha)pedra sf
 A demonstrator threw a rock.
 Um manifestante jogou uma pedra.
rock n slang (diamond)  (diamante)pedra sf
 That's quite a rock you're wearing.
rock n slang (cocaine)  (cocaína, crack)pedra sf
 The junkies are smoking rock.
stone n (rock)pedra sf
 Use that stone there to hold the door open.
 Usa aquela pedra lá para deixar a porta aberta.
stone n (material)pedra sf
 The castle is made of stone, not brick.
 O castelo é feito de pedras, não de tijolos.
stone n (hailstone)  (granizo)pedra sf
 The hailstorm had stones the size of golf balls.
stone n (precious gem)  (gemas)pedra sf
 The ring has many precious stones around a beautiful diamond.
stone n (pebble)  (pedregulho)pedra sf
  pedregulho sm
 The garden path is covered with small white stones.
stone n (gallstone)  (nos rins)pedra sf
 He had kidney stones, and suffered great pain.
gallstone n (formation in the gallbladder)cálculo biliar loc sm
   (na vesícula biliar)pedra sm
tor n US, Aus (player's token in hopscotch)  (no jogo amarelinha)pedra sm
gravel n (for road, etc.)  (na estrada, etc.)cascalho sm
  pedra sf
rock n (a mass of rock)rocha, pedra sf
 A giant rock sits on the hill.
stone n (huge rock)pedra, rocha sf
  pedregulho, penedo sm
 Have you seen the huge stones at Stonehenge?
stone n (millstone)pedra de moinho loc sf
 The stone will mill the grain.
cobblestone n (round paving stone)  (de pavimentação)pedra arredondada loc sf
cobblestone npl (cobbled paving)  (pavimentação)pedra arredondada loc sf
keystone n (central stone of arch)  (pedra central do arco)pedra angular loc sf
   (arquitetura)chave de abóbada loc sf
keystone n figurative (foundation)  (figurado: fundação)pedra angular loc sf
pumice n (abrasive stone)  (pedra abrasiva)pedra-pomes sf
cobble n (rounded stone)pedra redonda loc sf
paving adj (stone, slab: for paving)  (para pavimentação)pedra de calçada loc sf
touchstone n figurative (reference point)  (critério)pedra de toque loc sf
cobblestones npl (paving of smooth round stones)pedra de pavimentação loc sf
  pedra de cantaria loc sf
  paralelepípedo sm
headstone n (memorial slab on a grave)lápide sf
  pedra tumular loc sf
birthstone n (gem relating to month of one's birth)pedra da sorte loc sf
  pedra do signo loc sf
gemstone n (precious stone, jewel)pedra preciosa loc sf
  jóia, gema sf
millstone n literal (stone used for grinding)sf
  pedra de moinho loc sf
moonstone n (precious stone)  (pedra preciosa)pedra-da-lua sf
soapstone n (soft rock used for carving)pedra-sabão sf
  esteatite, esteatita sf
soapstone adj (made of soapstone)de pedra-sabão loc adj
stoneware n (ceramic objects)faiança sf
  louça de pó-de-pedra loc sf
whetstone n (stone for sharpening tools)pedra de amolar loc sf
cold heart n figurative (lack of compassion)  (figurativo - falta de compaixão)coração de pedra loc sm
 She had a cold heart and nothing I could say or do would melt it.
grinding stone n (flat stone used for sharpening tools)  (pedra usada para amolar ferramentas)pedra de amolar loc sf
 When sharpening a chisel on a grinding stone it's important to get the angle right.
heart of stone n figurative (lack of compassion)  (figurativo: natureza cruel e fria)coração de pedra loc sm
 You would need a heart of stone to see those starving children and not feel compassion.
kidney stone n (buildup of deposits in the kidney)  (medicina)cálculo renal loc sm
   (coloquial)pedra nos rins loc sf
 He had an operation to remove a kidney stone which had been causing him great pain.
mad as a hatter adj (insane, crazy)  (louco, demente, insano)louco arrematado loc adj
  maluco de pedra loc adj
 Don't believe anything he says – he's mad as a hatter.
at a stone's throw adv (some distance away, apart)  (a uma pequena distância)a um tiro de pedra loc adv
  bem perto loc adv
 The apartment is a stone´s throw from the university and many restaurants.
curling rock n (sport: heavy stone used in curling)  (esporte)pedra para curling loc sf
dry stone n (wall-building technique without cement)  (construído sem cimento)pedra seca loc sf
cornerstone n (building)pedra angular loc sf
  pedra fundamental loc sf
cast the first stone jogar a primeira pedra
leave no stone unturned não deixar pedra sobre pedra
stark-raving mad doido varrido
  louco de pedra
stumbling block obstáculo
  pedra no caminho
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