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peixe smfish nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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fish n (aquatic animal)  (animal aquático)peixe sm
 There are many different types of fish.
 Existem tipos diferentes de peixe.
fish npl (aquatic animals)  (animais aquáticos)peixe sm
 Can you see all the fish in the sea?
 Você consegue ver os peixes no oceano?
fish n (food)  (comida)peixe sm
 I prefer to eat fish for health reasons.
 Eu prefiro comer peixe por questões de saúde.
fishy adj (smelling of fish)com cheiro de peixe loc adj
fishy adj (fish-like)como peixe loc adj
  de peixe loc adj
swordfish n (large fish with long jaw)peixe-espada sm
swordfish n (meat of swordfish)peixe-espada sm
catfish n (scaleless fish)peixe-gato sm
manatee n (sea mammal)  (animal marítimo)peixe-boi, manati sm
angler n (anglerfish)peixe-diabo, peixe-pescador sm
  diabo-marinho sm
angelfish n (tropical fish with striped markings)  (peixe)peixe-anjo sm
dory n (fish: John Dory)  (peixe)peixe-galo sm
bonito adj (variety of fish)  (tipo de peixe)bonito, peixe-serra sm
gar n (variety of fish)peixe-agulha sm
herringbone n (pattern formed from repeated V)  (padronagem)espinha de peixe loc sf
herringbone adj (having a herringbone pattern)  (padronagem)de espinha de peixe loc adj
puffer n (blowfish)  (peixe com a propriedade de inchar o corpo)baiacu, peixe-balão sm
silverfish n (silvery insect: household pest)  (inseto)traça sf
   (peixe)peixe-rei sm
spearfish n (fish: type of marlin)peixe-espada sm
sunfish n (variety of North American fish)peixe-lua sm
devil ray n (manta ray: flat-bodied fish)peixe-diabo, raia-diabo sm
 Steve Irwin met his death when he was stung by a devil ray on the Great Barrier Reef.
fish out of water n figurative ([sb] in an unfamiliar place or situation)  (fig, alguém num lugar desconhecido, estranho)peixe fora d'água loc sm
 Although a fantastic football player, he was a fish out of water on the golf course.
fisheye lens n (convex, very wide-angle lens)lentes olho-de-peixe loc sf pl
 Using a fish-eye lens makes mediocre skateboarders look great.
flying fish n (large-finned fish that leaps from water)peixe-voador sm
 Flying fish leap from the water in order to avoid predators.
gefilte fish n (Jewish food: fish balls)  (típico da cozinha judia da Europa oriental, bolinhos de peixe)peixe recheado loc sm
  peixe recheado loc sm
 Gefilte fish is traditionally eaten at Passover.
like a fish out of water adv (out of place, out of one's element)  (fora de seu elemento natural)como peixe fora d'água loc adv
 I always feel like a fish out of water at formal gatherings.
manta ray n (flat-bodied marine fish)  (peixe marinho)jamanta sf
  morcego-do-mar, peixe-diabo, raia-diabo sm
 Although similar in appearance to the sting ray, the manta ray is a different species.
clown fish n (bright orange striped fish)peixe-palhaço sm
  peixe-das-anêmonas sm
fish stock n (bouillon flavoured with fish)caldo de peixe loc sm
 To make good bouillabaisse you start with fresh fish stock.
fry n (small fish)peixinho, girino sm
  peixe novo loc sm
fish and chips peixe e batata frita
great guns peixe gordo
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