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pensamento thought
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thought n (result of thinking)  (resultado de pensar )pensamento sm
 Having considered the matter, my thought now is that we should give him the job.
 Tendo considerado o assunto, meu pensamento agora é que deveríamos dar o emprego a ele.
thought n (act of thinking)  (ato de pensar)pensamento sm
 The boy was lost in thought.
 O menino estava perdido em seus pensamentos.
thought n (idea)  (ideia)pensamento sm
 I just had a thought: What if we work together?
 Acabei de ter um pensamento: E se trabalhássemos juntos?
thought n (philosophy)  (filosofia)pensamento sm
 Philosophers study a body of thought.
thought n (purpose)  (propósito)pensamento sm
 His thought was to help.
 O pensamento dele foi ajudar.
thinking n (thought process)pensamento sm
 I don't understand the logic of her thinking.
line n (thought, policy)linha de pensamento loc sf
 His line of thought is consistent with that of the religious authorities.
reasoning n (thought process)raciocínio, pensamento sm
clear thinking
(rational, lucid thought)pensamento racional loc sm
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 It's no use panicking - only clear thinking and cool heads will see us through this crisis.
critical thinking n (mental analysis and reasoning)pensamento crítico loc sm
 Teachers nowadays are trying to encourage more critical thinking by their students.
lateral thinking n (unconventional or creative problem-solving)  (forma de pensar que gera soluções novas e criativas )pensamento lateral loc sm
 His lateral thinking helped us solve the problem in a way we would never have thought of.
logical thought n (rational, coherent thinking)  (pensamento racional, coerente)pensamento lógico loc sm
 She was distressed after the accident and incapable of logical thought.
mind reading n (telepathy: knowing [sb]'s thoughts)  (telepatia )leitura de pensamento loc sf
 My cousin believes he can use mind reading to understand the thoughts of his pet dog.
free thought n (rationalism)  (racionalismo)pensamento livre loc sm
freedom of thought n (right to hold beliefs)liberdade de pensamento loc sf
 The reason most democracies separate church and state is to insure that every citizen has freedom of thought.
deep thought pensamento profundo
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