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período smperiod nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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run n (series)  (série)período sm
  temporada sf
 We've had quite a run of bad luck lately.
 Nós passamos por um período de má sorte ultimamente.
period n (duration of time)  (intervalo de tempo)período sm
 Abby plans to be on holiday for a short period.
 Bianca está planejando sair de férias por um período curto.
period n (historical era)  (etapa histórica)período sm
 The Industrial Revolution was a difficult period in history.
 A Revolução Industrial foi um período difícil da história.
period n (geology)  (geologia)período sm
 Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king of the Jurassic period.
period n (school)  (de aula)período sm
 There are 6 class periods in a school day.
period n (menstruation)menstruação sf
   (popular)regras sf pl
   (brasileirismo)período sm
 Allie was 14 when she got her first period.
 Allie estava com 14 anos quando ela teve as primeiras regras.
 New: Ela está naquele período.
period n (periodic table)  (tabela periódica)período sm
 The periodic table is made up of 9 horizontal periods.
period n rare (sentence)  (frases)período sm
 Periods are lengthy sentences which are not grammatically complete until they end.
period n (astronomy: rotation)  (rotação)período sm
 The period of the sun is about 30 days near the equator and about 25 days near the poles.
period n (astronomy: orbit)  (órbita)período sm
 Some comets have periods of over 20,000 years.
window n figurative (period for launching spacecraft)período sm
   (tempo livre entre dois compromissos)janela sf
 They have a six-hour window in which to launch the rocket.
span n (extent of attention)período sm
   (de tempo)espaço sm
 You can only hold his attention for a short span, as he is easily distracted.
long adv (elliptical usage: a long time)por um longo período loc adv
 Will she be long?
term n (period of time)  ( de tempo)período, prazo sm
 There is a thirty-day term for making payments.
 Concede-se um período de trinta dias para efetuar o pagamento.
span n (period of time)  (de tempo)período, espaço sm
 Over a span of days, the house was erected.
 A casa foi erguida num período de dois dias.
spell n informal (interval of time)período de tempo loc sm
 I'm going to read for a spell.
midterm n (middle of a term)meio do período loc sm
  metade do período loc sf
  meio-termo sm
midterm adj (taking place at midterm)  (que acontece no meio do período)no meio do período loc adj
stringer n US, informal (journalist: part-time employee of news organization)jornalista de meio período loc smf
  correspondente sm
cooling-off period n (period in which one can cancel a purchase)  (de compra feita)período de cancelamento loc sm
 You often have a seven-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel internet purchases.
early years npl (initial period)  (primeiro período de algo)período inicial loc sm
 The early years of any marriage are difficult.
for the period of prep (between: specified dates)  (entre datas determinadas)pelo período de loc adv
 He is to be incarcerated for the period of no less than five years.
incubation period n (infection: time before symptoms appear)  (infecção )período de incubação
 The incubation period for chickenpox is 10 to 20 days.
incubation period n (time it takes an egg to hatch)período de incubação
 Generally speaking, the smaller the bird, the shorter the incubation period for its eggs.
intervening period n (meanwhile, time in between)período intermediário
 How did you spend the intervening period between your last two jobs?
 In the intervening period she's going to take a well-deserved holiday.
latent period n (time from infection to infectiousness)  (medicina)período de latência, período de incubação loc sm
length of time n (period, duration)  (quantidade de tempo)duração sf
  período de tempo loc sm
 What length of time is recommended for the treatment?
 If you leave the house for any length of time, please lock the windows.
Christmastime n (Christmas period)período natalino loc sm
 Christmastime without snow is like summer without sunshine.
 I love driving round town to see the lights at Christmastime.
Christmas time n (period of Christmas holidays)tempo do Natal loc sm
  período do Natal loc sm
 I'm going home at Christmas time.
early period n (initial stages)período inicial loc sm
evaluation period n (trial: time allowed for [sth] to be tested)período de avaliação loc sm
 Phil's evaluation period in his new job has almost expired, so he's nervous about his performance review.
grace period período de graça
long haul longo período de tempo
phony war período de calma em tempo de guerra
waiting period período de espera
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