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perguntar ask, question, interrogate, query
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ask vtr (inquire of)perguntar vt
 She asked me if I wanted dinner.
 Ela me perguntou se eu queria jantar.
put vtr (a question)perguntar vt
 Let me put this to you: How did birds evolve?
question vtr (inquire)perguntar vt
 I questioned the actor for hours about his profession.
ask a question v (make an enquiry, pose a question)fazer uma pergunta loc v
  perguntar vt
 The teacher said to her students, "If you don't understand the material, please ask a question!".
ask about
(request information about)perguntar, indagar vt
 He asked his father about jobs in the factory.
 Ele perguntou (or: indagou) ao pai sobre empregos na fábrica.
survey vtr (gather opinions)perguntar opinião loc vt
 He surveyed the group to see where they wanted to go to lunch.
wonder vtr (ask oneself, be curious to know)  ( ter curiosidade)perguntar-se vp
 I wonder if wine can be made from cherries. Let me look on the Internet.
 Eu me pergunto se se pode fazer vinho da cereja. Deixe-me procurar na Internet.
price [sth]
(learn the price)perguntar o preço loc vt
 Let me price this book, then we can go home.
ask after vtr (enquire about health of: [sb])perguntar sobre alguém loc vt
 I ran into your old friends Vicki and Peter yesterday, and they asked after you.
ask again v (ask once more)perguntar de novo loc v
 Do you really think that if you ask again I'll say yes?
fire away vi slang (begin asking questions)  (começar a perguntar)perguntar, interrogar v int
   (gíria)mandar brasa loc v int
 Professor, could we ask you a few questions? "Sure! Fire away.".
ask about perguntar sobre
ask for perguntar por
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