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perigo danger, peril, hazard
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danger n (instance of risk of hazard)perigo sm
 He avoided danger by holding on to the railing.
danger interj (sign)  (sinal de)perigo sm
 Don't go beyond the "danger!" sign.
peril n (danger)perigo sm
distress n (physics)  (física)dor intensa loc sf
   (situação perigosa)perigo sm
hazard n (sthg to avoid)  (algo que se deve evitar)perigo sm
danger n (exposure to risk of evil or harm)perigo, risco sm
 The soldier ignored the obvious danger and ran through the front lines.
 O soldado desconsiderou o perigo (or: risco) óbvio e correu para a linha de frente.
danger n (source of peril)perigo, risco sm
 She always ignored the danger of walking alone at night.
 Ela sempre desconsiderava o perigo (or: risco) de andar sozinha à noite.
imperil vtr (put in danger)pôr em perigo loc vt
  perigar vt
riskiness n (inherent danger)risco, perigo sm
endangerment n (risking, putting into peril)risco, perigo sm
above water adv (safe from risk)  (salvo)na superfície, a tona, fora de perigo loc adj
danger sign n literal (public notice warning of danger)placa de perigo loc sf
 The swimmers ignored the clearly-posted danger signs.
danger sign n figurative (indication or warning)sinal de perigo loc sm
 The current crisis was caused by the banks' refusing to heed the danger signs.
occupational hazard n literal (risk of a particular job)  (literal)perigo ocupacional, risco ocupacional loc sm
 Hemorrhoids are an occupational hazard for cowboys and writers alike.
 Rocks falling from the ceiling are an occupational hazard of underground mining.
occupational hazard n figurative, informal (inherent or accepted risk of doing [sth])  ( qualquer risco inerente)perigo ocupacional, risco ocupacional loc sm
 An occasional slap in the face is an occupational hazard for men who insist on chasing the ladies.
be at stake vi (be at risk)estar em risco loc v int
  estar em perigo
 You need to make sure you do the job correctly because your professional reputation is at stake!
jeopardize vtr (put at risk)pôr em perigo loc vt
jeopardy n (danger)risco, perigo sm
hidden danger perigo oculto
home free fora de risco ou perigo
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