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perseguir pursue; persecute
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chase up vtr phrasal sep figurative, informal (check or assist progress of)perseguir vt
  pressionar vt
hunt down perseguir
dog vtr (hound, harass)seguir, perseguir vt
 The problem has been dogging me for days.
 O problema tem me seguido (or: perseguido) há dias.
dog vtr (follow)seguir, perseguir vt
 They dogged him all the way home.
run vtr (chase)  (correr atrás)perseguir, seguir vt
 The dogs were running a fox.
course vtr (pursue, chase)caçar, perseguir vt
 The hunters coursed the hare with their dogs.
drive vi (strive)perseguir, visar vt
 Although not naturally gifted, she is always driving to succeed.
 Embora não tenha dotes naturais, ela está sempre perseguindo (or: visando) o sucesso.
chase vtr (pursue)caçar, perseguir vt
 The dogs chased the rabbit.
 Os cães perseguiram o coelho.
persecute vtr (harass, oppress)perseguir, oprimir vt
persecute vtr (pester)  (atormentar)perseguir, importunar vt
chase after vtr (pursue, try to capture: [sb])perseguir, correr atrás
 The police chased after the burglar and caught him in my neighbour's garden.
go after vtr (pursue)perseguir, seguir vt
 Mark is now going after a Master's degree in science.
haunt vtr (by memory)  (por uma lembrança)assediar, perseguir vt
  assombrar vt
pursue vtr (education)aspirar, perseguir vt
pursue vtr (follow: physically)perseguir, seguir vt
stalk vtr (follow stealthily)  (ir secretamente)seguir, perseguir vt
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