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peso weight
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lead n (a weight made of lead)  (de chumbo)peso sm
 Pass me those two leads please. I need to weigh this down.
lead n slang (sloth, lack of energy)  (fig, preguiça, indolência)peso sm
 I need to get the lead out of my legs or I will never play well in this game.
weight n (relative heaviness or lightness)peso sm
 Feel the weight of my cat, compared to yours.
 Sinta o peso do meu gato comparado com o seu.
weight n (heavy weight)peso sm
 Its weight was sufficient to hold the door open.
weight n (measure of weight)peso sm
 Her weight is ten stones.
weight n (heavy element in a mechanism)  (num mecanismo)peso sm
 The weights in this grandfather clock need replacing.
weight n (block used with scales)  (sólido de metal usado em balanças)peso sm
 Old scales used little weights to balance the goods purchased.
 As balanças antigas usavam pequenos pesos para avaliar as mercadorias compradas.
weight n (paperweight, etc.)peso sm
 The book was used as a weight to hold the door open.
weight n (burden)  (fardo)peso sm
 Looking after both elderly parents was a heavy weight on her shoulders.
weight n (significance)  (relevância)peso sm
 I don't apply any weight to the age of the candidates. The best man will get the job.
weight n (influence)  (figurado: influência, prestígio, autoridade)peso sm
 She holds considerable weight in his decision-making.
 Ela dá um peso considerável às tomadas de decisão dele.
weight n (majority)  (maioria)peso sm
 The weight of the majority was so strong that there was no problem passing the legislation.
weight n (in athletics)peso sm
 In the shot put, you have to throw the weight as far as possible.
weight n (in weightlifting)  (em levantamento de peso, musculação)peso sm
 He grabbed the thirty-kilogram weights for his chest exercises.
 Ele pegou os pesos de trinta quilos para os exercícios peitorais.
weight n (density of cloth)  (densidade do tecido)peso sm
 The hospital uses heavy weight sheets.
weight n (category in boxing)  (categoria no boxe)peso sm
 Mohammad Ali boxed in the heavy weight division.
weight n (statistics: coefficient)  (estatística: coeficiente)peso sm
 The analysis shows that income has considerable weight in who buys expensive cars.
burden n (weight)peso sm
 The burden of his great weight was hard on his knees.
strain n (fatiguing pressure)peso sm
  pressão, força sf
 The foundation of the building crumbled under the strain.
weighting n (relative importance)  (importância relativa)peso sm
  relevância sf
heaviness n (great weight)peso sm
heaviness n (relative weight)peso sm
heaviness n figurative (sadness, gloom)  (figurado: tristeza)peso sm
  opressão, aflição sf
peso n (currency of Mexico)  (moeda mexicana)peso sm
body weight n (amount a person weighs)peso sm
 The body-mass index is a ratio of a person's body weight to his height.
guilt n (of conscience)  (de consciência)culpa sf
  peso sm
weight n (system of measuring weight)sistema de peso loc sm
 What weight do you work in? Metric or Imperial?
weight vtr (apply weight to)colocar peso loc vt
 We need to weight down the edges of the rug.
weight vtr (hold down with a weight)colocar peso loc vt
 He weighted down the papers with the book.
weight vtr (statistics: apply a coefficient to)dar peso loc vt
 The numbers were weighted to reflect population density.
tax n figurative (strain)  (figurado: que incomoda ou aflige)peso, fardo sm
  carga sf
 Mailing expenses are quite a tax on our resources.
weightlifting n (sport: lifting weights)  (esporte)levantamento de peso loc sm
weightlifting n (exercise: weight training)  (exercício)levantamento de peso loc sm
lightweight adj (sport: weight division)  (esporte)peso-leve adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
lightweight n (sport: lightweight contender)  (esporte)peso-leve sm
heavyweight adj (sportsperson: of heaviest class)  (esporte)peso-pesado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
heavyweight n (heaviest-class sportsperson)  (esporte: pessoa)peso-pesado sm
weightless adj (without gravity)  (sem gravidade)sem peso loc adj
weighty adj figurative (topic: important)  (tópico: importante)de peso loc adj
  significativo adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
hundredweight n (unit of weight: approx 100 lbs)peso de 100 libras loc sm
middleweight n (boxer or wrestler of certain weight)  (boxeador)peso-médio sm
underweight adj (too thin)abaixo do peso loc adj
welterweight n (boxer or wrestler of certain weight)  (boxe)peso meio-médio loc sm
slimming n (weight loss, dieting)emagrecimento loc sm
  perda de peso loc sf
dead weight
([sth] heavy, motionless)  (algo pesado, sem movimento)peso morto loc sm
dead weight
figurative (oppressive burden, worry)  (figurativo: )peso morto loc sm
dead weight
(DW; fixed weight of a structure, equipment, dead load)  (peso fixo de estrutura, aparelho)peso morto loc sm
dead weight
(weight of vehicle or vessel without a load)  (peso de um veículo sem carga)peso morto loc sm
deadwood n figurative ([sth] superfluous)  (fig., coisa supérflua)peso morto loc sm
deadwood n figurative ([sb] not productive)  (fig., pessoa improdutiva)peso morto loc sm
featherweight adj (boxer: in particular weight category)  (boxe)de peso-pena loc adj
featherweight n (boxer in particular weight category)peso-pena sm
flyweight n (boxer competing in lightest competitive class)  (boxe)peso-mosca sm
flyweight n figurative (insignificant)  (insignificante)peso-mosca sm
heft n (weight or bulk)  (EUA)peso, volume sm
doorstop n (wedge for holding door open)parador de porta loc sm
  peso de porta loc sm
 A doorstop is used to maintain a door in its open position.
feel the weight of vtr figurative (be burdened by)  (sentir sobrecarregado)sentir o peso de loc vt
 When he saw the negative test result he felt the weight of the world lift off of his shoulders.
gross weight n (total weight of goods and their container)peso bruto, total loc sm
hold [sb] back vi (hinder [sb]'s progress or success)  (retardar o progresso de alguém )ser um peso loc v int
lose weight v (slim, become slimmer)  (emagrecer)perder peso loc v int
 If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more.
 I diet and diet but I never seem to lose weight.
net weight n (weight of goods minus packaging)  (peso do produto sem a embalagem)peso líquido loc sm
of significance adj (important, meaningful)  (significante)de peso, significativo loc adj
free weights npl (handheld weights used for exercise)peso livre loc sm
 I work out with 5-lb free weights and a resistance band.
dead weight peso morto
gain weight ganhar peso
labor under atuar sob o peso de
  sofrer sob
put on weight ganhar peso
sweat off perder peso suando
take off weight perder peso
watch your weight controle o seu peso
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