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Traduções principais
pessoa sfperson nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
plural: people
(human being) (ser humano)pessoa sf
  indivíduo sm
 Which person are you talking about? The mother or the daughter?
 De qual pessoa você está falando? Da mãe ou da filha?
bod n informal (person) (informal)sujeito sm
  pessoa sf
human being n (homo sapiens) (homo sapiens)ser humano loc sm
  humano, homem sm
  pessoa sf
 Human beings are often reluctant to admit that they are animals.
person n (grammar) (gramática)pessoa sf
 The third person singular of the present tense of "to be" is "is".
 A terceira pessoa do singular do presente do indicativo de "ser" é "é".
Traduções complementares
party n (person)pessoa sf
 We're just waiting for the more attractive party - Maria.
person n (philosophy: rational being) (filosofia: ser racional)pessoa sf
 A person differs from an animal or object in his or her ability to reason.
 Uma pessoa se diferencia de um animal ou um objeto através de sua capacidade de raciocinar.
body n figurative (person)pessoa sf
 Leslie felt happier than a body has the right to be.
customer n slang (fellow or person)pessoa sf
 She's a difficult customer.
individual n informal (person)pessoa sf
 She is an odd individual.
 Ela é uma pessoa estranha.
element n often plural (group, faction)elemento sm
  pessoa sf
 An element in the crowd was intent on making trouble.
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Formas compostas:
butterfly n figurative (frivolous person)pessoa frívola loc sf
 He's a butterfly, always flitting from partner to partner.
Crimes Against Persons npl (law: violent offences)crimes contra a pessoa loc sm
curmudgeon n (bad-tempered person) (pessoa mal-humorada)pessoa rabugenta loc sf
  ranzinza, ranheta smf
 The old curmudgeon refused to donate money to the orphanage.
decedent n (law: dead person) (jurid.)pessoa falecida loc sf
  falecido sm
dieter n ([sb] on a weight-loss regime)pessoa que está de dieta loc sf
dirtbag n slang, vulgar (despicable person)pessoa desprezível loc sf
  canalha smf
 My ex-boyfriend is a real dirtbag!
dodger n (evasive person)pessoa evasiva loc sf
drama queen n figurative, informal ([sb] who overreacts to situations)exagerado sm
  pessoa dramática loc sf
 She's such a drama queen - she's always crying for no reason.
fast mover n informal ([sb] who acts promptly)pessoa rápida loc sf
good standing n (person: respectability) (pessoa: respeitabilidade)pessoa respeitável loc sf
  bem considerado loc sm
 Glenn is a person of good standing in the local community.
good standing n (fulfilling all requirements) (preenchendo todos os requisitos)pessoa renomada loc sf
  pessoa de posição loc sf
 Susan is a member in good standing of the American Medical Association.
great one for n informal ([sb] who tends to do [sth] frequently) (que tende a fazer algo frequentemente)pessoa ótima para loc sf
 He's a great one for telling stories.
heavy sleeper n ([sb] who sleeps deeply) (alguém que dorme profundamente)pessoa de sono pesado loc sf
 I've always been a heavy sleeper - I hardly ever wake up during the night.
high birth n (nobility, noble lineage) (descendência ilustre)pessoa de berço loc smf
 Until quite recently a high birth would bestow one with many elite privileges, though not always great wealth.
honeymooner n (newlywed on holiday)pessoa em lua-de-mel loc sf
hummer n ([sb] who hums)pessoa que cantarola loc sf
immortal n figurative (famous person) (figurativo)imortal sm
  celebridade sf
  pessoa famosa loc sf
 The younger musicians regarded Mick Jagger as one of the immortals.
insider n ([sb] with privileged information) (com acesso a informações privilegiadas)pessoa bem informada loc sf
  (informal)pessoa de dentro loc sf
 Insiders believe that the contest has already been decided.
insider n (member of group) (de um grupo)pessoa íntima loc sf
  (informal)gente de casa loc sf
 It takes years of working there before you're considered an insider.
learned man n (man who is educated, erudite)pessoa instruída, estudiosa loc sf
 The young prince was tutored in the sciences by several learned men.
looker n slang (good-looking person) (gíria)pessoa atraente loc sf
maroon n (abandoned person)pessoa abandonada loc sf
 A maroon survived on a tropical island for three years before being rescued.
Napoleon n figurative, pejorative (power-hungry individual)pessoa sedenta de poder loc sf
 Our new, power-hungry CEO is a Napoleon.
naysayer n (person who is negative about [sth])contraditor, refutador sm
  pessoa do contra loc smf
nominee n ([sb] on shortlist for prize) (para um prêmio)pessoa nomeada loc sf
 In 2011, there were five nominees for the prize in literature.
nonesuch n ([sth] or [sb] unequalled) (inigualável)pessoa ímpar loc sf
odd man out n ([sb] or [sth] that does not belong) (pessoa que não faz parte)pessoa supérflua, pessoa desacompanhada loc sf
 You've already got four people for a tennis game, so I'm odd man out and will watch.
an old hand at [sth] n figurative, informal (experienced person)pessoa experiente sf
 You'll do well to follow his advice; he's an old hand at this business.
parolee n (person freed on parole)pessoa em liberdade condicional loc sf
pom n Aus, slang (English person) (Aus, gíria)pessoa inglesa loc sf
prayer n (person who prays) (religioso)pessoa que reza expres
  (religioso)pessoa que ora expres
  rezador sm
 The prayers were all kneeling.
prude n (prim and proper person)pessoa pudica loc sf
  puritano sm
 Rafael is such a prude that he won't even swear.
puller n US, informal ([sb] who draws in customers) (que seduz os clientes)persuasor, sedutor sm
  pessoa que tem lábia loc sf
rare gift n (special or unique talent) (talento especial ou único)dom especial loc sm
  talento especial loc sm
  pessoa dotada loc smf
raver n ([sb] who declaims wildly)pessoa delirante loc sf
referrer n ([sb] who makes a referral)pessoa que indica loc sf
  (gíria, quem indica)Q.I. sm
sissy n informal, pejorative (effeminate boy) (pejorativo)pessoa efeminada loc sf
 Brian says he wants to play football, but he's such a sissy.
sleeper n (sleeping person)pessoa que dorme loc sf
  dorminhoco sm
 The sleepers didn't wake up as the train slowed down.
slob n (person: messy)pessoa relaxada loc sf
  (popular)porcalhão sm
 Marion's such a slob; she never cleans up after herself.
slouch n pejorative, informal (lazy worker)pessoa preguiçosa loc sf
 Tim is such a slouch; I asked him to do that job hours ago and he still hasn't finished it.
somebody pron (any person)alguma pessoa loc pron
 You shouldn't leave the window open when you go out; somebody could get in.
spastic n dated, now offensive ([sb] with cerebral palsy)pessoa com paralisia cerebral loc sf
 The cruel children made fun of the spastic in their class.
thick skinned,
(insensitive to criticism) (insensível às críticas)insensível adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  casca grossa loc sf
  pessoa difícil loc adj
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 He has to be thick skinned to put up with all the criticism he gets.
tipper n (person who gives or leaves a tip)pessoa que dá gorjetas loc sf
top earner n (person who makes the most money) (pessoa que ganha mais dinheiro)pessoa de maior salário loc sf
tosser n UK, slang, pejorative, figurative (contemptible person)pessoa nojenta, desprezível loc sf
transient n (person)pessoa em trânsito loc sf
  transeunte sm
 The workers were all transients; at the end of the season, they would move on.
wallflower n figurative (shy person) (figurado)pessoa inibida loc sf
 Fiona felt self-conscious at social events and was a wallflower at parties.
wiggler n (one who doesn't sit still)pessoa irrequieta loc sf
workaholic n informal ([sb] who works a lot)viciado em trabalho loc sm
  pessoa dedicada ao trabalho loc sf
  (informal)burro de carga loc sm
 Sarah is a workaholic who stays on late at the office almost every day.
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