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placa sfsign, plate, plaque, tag n
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notice n (sign or paper) sinal, cartazanúncio, aviso sm
 placa sf
 Someone had put up a notice about new parking rules.
sign n (traffic notice) ruaplaca sf
 The sign said to stop.
 A placa dizia para parar.
sign n (notice, placard) aviso , cartazplaca sf
 aviso sm
 The shopkeeper put a sign up saying he'd be back in thirty minutes.
 O vendedor colocou uma placa dizendo que voltaria em trinta minutos.
 O vendedor colocou um aviso dizendo que voltaria em trinta minutos.
plate n (metal plate)placa sf
 The council put a plate over the hole in the street.
sheet n (geology: horizontal rock) geologiaplaca sf
 Over millions of years one sheet of rock moved over the other.
plaque n (decorative plaque) decorativaplaca sf
plaque n (white buildup on teeth) dentalplaca sf
dental plaque n (bacterial buildup on teeth) denteplaca sf
 If not removed regularly, dental plaque can lead to caries and gingivitis.
tablet n (of stone) de pedraplaca sf
tag n (license plate) placa do carroplaca sf
sheet n (of glass) de vidrolâmina, placa sf
 Because the window had an odd shape, we had to cut a new windowpane out of a larger sheet.
sheet n (metal) de metallâmina, placa, chapa sf
 A ream has 500 sheets of paper.
sheet n (of ice) de geloplaca, camada sf
 After the freezing rain, there is a sheet of ice covering the car.
plaque n (memorial plaque) de homenagem/comemorativaplaca, divisa sf
motherboard n (computing: circuit board) informáticaplaca-mãe sf
roadsign, road sign n (notice to traffic)placa de trânsito loc sf
 placa sinalizadora loc sf
signpost n (roadsign or public notice)placa de sinalização loc sf
drywall, dry wall n US (plasterboard)parede de gesso loc sf
 placa de reboco loc sf
nameplate n (plaque bearing a name) colocada na portaplaca identificadora loc sf
wallboard n US (plasterboard, sheet material used in construction)placa de reboco loc sm
 drywall sm
danger sign n literal (public notice warning of danger)placa de perigo loc sf
 The swimmers ignored the clearly-posted danger signs.
dog tag n literal (dog's identification tag) para soldadosplaca de identificação para cães
 According to the dog tag his name's Mephistopheles.
dog tag n figurative (soldier's identification tag)placa identificadora loc sf
 Soldiers on secret operations have to remove their dog tags.
home run n (baseball: run scored by batter on single hit) beisebol: gol de placa loc sm
 The batter hit a home run and began his ceremonial trot around the bases.
car plates, US: license plates npl (automobile's number plates)placa do carro loc sf
 The hit and run happened so fast no one saw the car´s license plate.
foam core, foamcore n (lightweight polystyrene board)placa de isopor loc sf
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