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planejar vtplan vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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plan vtr (arrange)planejar vt
 He planned the campaign in minute detail.
plan vtr (determine a course of action)  (determinar uma causa de ação)planejar vt
 We're planning to buy a house next year.
 Nós estamos planejando comprar uma casa no ano que vem.
plan vtr (set a schedule)  (agendar)planejar vt
 We need to plan the next few weeks.
 Nós precisamos planejar nossas próximas férias.
plan vi (make plans)planejar v int
  fazer plano loc v int
 I've started planning for next year's vacation.
aim vi (intend)  (ter a intenção)intentar, tencionar vt
  planejar vt
 Eleanor didn't aim to tell Will her secret.
chart vtr figurative (plan)  (figurado)planejar vt
 The leader will chart a course for the future.
 O líder planejará um curso para o futuro.
map out planejar
engineer vtr figurative (make happen)organizar, planejar vt
 The campaign manager engineered the election of the president.
scheme vtr (contrive)tramar, planejar vt
 After his best friend's death, Achilles schemes his revenge against Hector.
 Depois da morte de seu melhor amigo, Aquiles trama (or: planeja) sua vingança contra Heitor.
structure vtr (put together)  (formar)construir, estruturar, planejar vt
 They will structure the unit with experienced staff members.
contrive vtr (devise, plan)idear, planejar vt
   (coloquial)bolar vt
mastermind vtr (plan, organize: plot, project)  (plano, projeto)organizar, planejar vt
come up with vtr informal (devise, invent)inventar, planejar vt
 I'll have to come up with a plan.
devise vtr (idea, plan)  (idéia, plano)planejar, inventar vt
plan ahead planejar com antecedência
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