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pleno full, entire; complete
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broad adj (complete, open) completo,abertopleno adj
 The robbery occurred in broad daylight.
total adj (complete) completototal, pleno, perfeito adj
 It was total chaos because of the transport strike.
plenary adj (full, complete) completoplenário, pleno adj
plenary n (politics: plenary session) políticaplenário, pleno sm
unadulterated adj (sheer, utter)completo, íntegro, pleno adj
 não adulterado loc adj
midsummer adj (at the height of summer) de verãodo solstício loc adj
 solsticial adj
 de pleno verão loc adj
midwinter adj (in the depths of winter) do invernodo solstício loc adv
 solsticial adj
 de pleno inverno loc adj
full authority n (complete control) autoridade totalpleno poder loc sm
 The judged granted him full authority over his father's estate.
full employment n (all of workforce is employed) Econ: economia em equilibropleno emprego loc sm
 Full employment is a goal of every administration.
full power n (complete authority)pleno poder loc sm
be fully conversant with [sth] v (have complete working knowledge of [sth])ter conhecimento pleno em loc vt
 entender muito de
 He is fully conversant with several programming languages, so he should find a job easily.
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