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popular popular
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popular adj (well liked) que conta com a simpatia de todospopular adj
 Madison is the most popular girl in school.
 Simone é a garota mais popular da escola.
popular adj (accessible)popular adj
 Popular music is designed to be easy for most people to appreciate.
popular adj (frequently encountered)popular adj
 This year's model is a popular car.
popular adj (relating to the general public)popular adj
 The new voting laws go against the popular will.
downmarket adj (for mass consumption) consumode massa loc adj
 consumopopular adj
down market, downmarket, down-market adj (for low-income consumers) para consumidores de baixa rendade segunda loc adj
 popular adj
 She found it humiliating to have to buy downmarket products when she was used to luxury goods.
folk adj (of ordinary people)popular adj
 do povo loc adj
traditional adj (of tradition) de tradiçãotradicional, popular adj
 That cross is a traditional Irish symbol.
 Aquela cruz é um símbolo irlandês tradicional (or: popular).
slangy adj informal (very colloquial) muito coloquialem linguagem popular loc adj
 no popular loc adj
folktale n (traditional mythical story)lenda sf
 conto popular loc sm
barn dance n (square dancing event) baile campestrebaile popular loc sm
 quadrilha sf
 The town puts on a barn dance every summer, with a community picnic and a bake sale.
bunny hop n US dated (a popular dance of the 1950s) dança popular nos anos 50scerta dança popular
 The Chicken Dance and the Bunny Hop are often still performed at wedding receptions.
class action n (lawsuit brought by a group) ação movida por um grupoação popular loc sf
 justiça coletiva loc sf
 A lot of us are involved in a class action suit against the company for discrimination against women.
folk art n (decorative art made by local people)arte popular loc sf
 The traditional art forms of a community are reflected in its folk art.
folk singer n (vocalist who performs folk music)cantor popular loc sm
 Folk singers often accompany themselves on simple musical instruments, such as the guitar.
folk tale n (fairy story, popular myth) mito, contolenda popular sf
 Folk tales provided moral lessons because virtue is always rewarded and villains are always punished.
compact car carro popular
 carro de médio porte
pop art arte popular
pop culture cultura popular
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