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porco smpig nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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pig n (animal)  (animal)porco sm
 We have a lot of pigs on our farm.
 Temos muitos porcos na nossa fazenda.
pig n (pork, animal as food)  (carne)porco sm
 Many religions forbid eating pig.
pig n (dirty person)  (figurado: indivíduo sujo, imundo)porco sm
  porcalhão sm
 Larry is a real pig, and his room is a mess.
 Mariano é um porco e seu quarto uma sujeira.
pig n (greedy person)porco sm
 He was a pig at the buffet.
porker n slang (pig)  (gíria)porco sm
hog n (pig)porco sm
animal n (uncivilized person)  (pessoa incivilizada)animal, porco sm
 Look at the way he eats! What an animal!
pig n (pigskin)pele de porco loc sf
 Do you want goatskin gloves, or pig?
pig out
(eat like a pig)comer como um porco loc vt
 I pigged out at dinner.
pig it
(live like a pig)viver como um porco loc vt
 Colin is pigging it in his apartment.
porcupine n (large spiny rodent)porco-espinho sm
brawn n (cookery: heat meat)  (culinária)pudim de cabeça de porco loc sm
pigtail n (tail of a pig)rabo de porco loc sm
pigskin n (leather from pigs' skin)couro de porco loc sm
  bola sf
pigskin adj (made of pig's leather)de couro de porco loc adj
aardvark n (ant-eating mammal)oricterope, orictéropo, porco-da-terra sm
cyclamen n (flowering plant)  (planta herbácea )cíclame, ciclâmen sm
  pão-de-porco, pão-porcino sm
trotter n (pig's foot)pé de porco loc sm
bad job n informal (incompetence)  (incompetência)trabalho porco loc sm
 Every time I give him something to do he does such a bad job.
bloody mess n UK, slang (incompetent or poor job)  (trabalho mau feito)porcaria, droga sf
  serviço de porco loc sm
knuckle of ham n (pork joint)  (corte de carne)pernil de porco loc sm
 A knuckle of ham is best cooked slowly to keep the meat tender.
male chauvinist pig n slang, pejorative (man with sexist attitude, misogynist)  (gíria, pejorativo - misógino)porco chauvinista loc sm
 I've met a lot of male chauvinist pigs before now but I think you're the worst ever!
boar n (animal)porco do mato loc sm
  javali sm
pork n (pig meat)carne de porco loc sf
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