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Traduções principais
posse sfownership, possession nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
ownership n (being owner) (ser dono)propriedade, posse sf
 Home ownership is very important to some people.
possession n (ownership)posse sf
 The solicitor wrote to tell the Browns they could take possession of the house on Friday.
occupancy n (tenancy: of a property)ocupação, posse sf
 The landlord refused to sell the building while it was under occupancy.
inauguration n (formal induction) (formal)investidura, posse sf
 The inauguration of the president is a major historical event.
possession n often plural ([sth] owned)posse sf
  propriedade sf
  bens sm pl
 All Simon's possessions will fit into the boot of his car. This necklace is my most precious possession; it was given to me by my grandmother before she died.
grasp n (hold) (ato de agarrar, segurar)agarra sm
  (detenção de uma coisa)posse sf
  domínio sm
  pegada sf
 Heather kept a firm grasp on the rope as she climbed the cliff.
possession n (sport: having the ball) (futebol)posse sf
 Beckham gets possession and passes to Ronaldo.
possession n uncountable (obsession) (figurado)posse sf
 The idea of an exotic holiday had taken possession of Carol and she could think of nothing else.
Traduções complementares
ownership n figurative (of project) (de projeto)propriedade, posse sf
 Liz took ownership of the project.
investment n (getting authority) (ganhar cargo ou autoridade)investidura, posse sf
 The politician attended his investment ceremony last night.
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Formas compostas:
acceptance speech n (speech on accepting [sth](governo, cargo)discurso de posse loc sm
  (premiação)discurso de agradecimento loc sm
  discurso de aceitação loc sm
 Have you got an acceptance speech prepared just in case you win the Oscar?
come into possession of vtr (find, obtain)tomar posse
 When I received my inheritance I came into possession of several rare coins.
common ownership n (owning [sth] jointly)propriedade comum loc sf
  posse comum loc sf
 The condominium owners have common ownership of the public areas.
in your possession adv (yours, on your person)em sua posse
 Please declare all valuables in your possession.
inaugural address n (speech on coming to power)discurso de posse
 The new mayor made an inaugural address which lasted an hour.
inauguration day n (president, etc.: date of coming to power) (presidente)dia da posse sm
 Millions showed up on inauguration day to see the new president take the oath of office.
Inauguration Day (recurring event)dia de posse sm
landholding n (property ownership)posse de terras sf
oath of office n (professional pledge)juramento de posse loc sm
 The president took the oath of office on Inauguration Day.
possessed of phrase (having) (que possui)em posse de exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 She is possessed of brains as well as beauty.
possession of stolen goods n (crime: handling [sth] stolen) (crime: sabidamente lidando com algo roubado)posse de bens roubados loc sf
  posse de artigos furtados loc sf
  posse de objetos de furto loc sf
 He was arrested for possession of stolen goods.
sign [sth] over vtr + adv (transfer legally)assinar a posse expres
 It won't be his property until you have legally signed it over.
sign [sth] over to [sb] v expr (transfer legally to [sb])transferir a posse expres
 He signed over the house to his ex-wife and their children.
take possession of vtr (receive, acquire) (receber, adquirir)tomar posse de loc vt
 After months of negotiation, they finally took possession of the house.
(share property ownership and use)compartilhar posse loc vt
 Mr. Jacobs bought a house at the beach, but he plans to timeshare it in order to save money.
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