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posse sfownership, possession nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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grasp n (hold)  (ato de agarrar, segurar)agarra sm
   (detenção de uma coisa)posse sf
  domínio sm
grip n (grasp, hold)  (ato de agarrar, segurar)posse sf
  controle sm
holding n (owned item)posse sf
  propriedade sf
  título sm
possession n (sports: of ball)posse sf
occupancy n (tenancy: of a property)ocupação, posse sf
inauguration n (formal induction)  (formal)investidura, posse sf
timeshare vtr (share property ownership and use)  (usufruto)compartilhar posse loc vt
landholding n (property ownership)posse de terras sf
acceptance speech n (speech given on accepting an award, nomination or appointment)  (governo, cargo)discurso de posse loc sm
   (premiação)discurso de agradecimento loc sm
 Have you got an acceptance speech prepared just in case you win the Oscar?
come into possession of vtr (find, obtain)tomar posse
 When I received my inheritance I came into possession of several rare coins.
common ownership n (joint ownership, trusteeship)posse comum loc sf
 The condominium owners have common ownership of the public areas.
in your possession adv (yours, on your person)em sua posse
 Please declare all valuables in your possession.
inaugural address n (speech made on coming to power)discurso de posse
 The new mayor made an inaugural address which lasted an hour.
inauguration day n (president, etc.: date of coming to power)  (presidente)dia da posse
 Millions showed up on inauguration day to see the new president take the oath of office.
oath of office n (professional pledge)juramento de posse loc sm
 The president took the oath of office on Inauguration Day.
ownership n (being owner)  (ser dono)propriedade, posse sf
ownership n figurative (of project)  (de projeto)propriedade,posse sf
possession n (ownership)posse, propriedade sf
possession n (sthg owned)posse, propriedade sf
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