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povo smfolk, people nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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people n (nation)  (nação)povo sm
 The Romans were a militaristic people.
 Os romanos eram um povo militar.
people n (citizens)  (cidadãos)povo sm
 The constitution was written by the people and for the people.
people n (inhabitants)  (habitantes)povo sm
 I call on the people of this town to vote against the measure!
 Eu convoco o povo desta cidade a votar contra a medida!
population n (inhabitants)  (habitantes)população sf
  gente sf
  povo sm
 The island's population is suspicious of strangers.
 A população da ilha desconfia dos forasteiros.
  A gente do campo trabalha duro.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
 O povo do Rio de Janeiro é muito extrovertido.
populace n (population, inhabitants)população sf
  habitantes sm pl
  povo sm
citizenry n (inhabitants collectively)conjunto de cidadãos loc sm
  povo sm
common people n (ordinary people)  (pessoas simples)povo sm
  massa sf
 They don't stand out for any particular reason, they're just common people.
folk n (people)povo sm
  gente sf
people n (general public)público, povo sm
 He's a leader who likes to address the people regularly.
commoner n UK (untitled person)  (INGL, sem título)plebeu sm
  homem do povo loc sm
Chosen People npl (Jewish religion: Israelites)  (judaísmo: apelido do povo de Israel)o povo escolhido loc sm
 They believe that those that accept God's law as given to Moses, are God's chosen people
chosen people npl (select or privileged few)  (privilegiados)o povo escolhido loc sm
for the people adj (populist, popular)  (populista)para o povo loc adv
 Politicians always tell us they are for the people.
general public n (people in general)  (povo em geral)público, povo sm
 The park is closed to the general public.
man in the street n figurative (common man, average person)  (figurativo - homem comum)homem da rua, homem do povo loc sm
 Can you explain your theory so that the man in the street can understand it?
on everyone's lips adv (being much discussed)na língua do povo loc adv
   (expr idiomática)na boca do povo
 For or against, national healthcare is on everyone's lips lately.
 This new scandal is on everyone's lips these days.
folk adj (of ordinary people)popular adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  do povo loc adj
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