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preencher vtfill vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  fulfill, accomplish ntr
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
fill vtr (hire a person for a job)preencher vt
 We need to fill this position as soon as possible.
inhabit vtr (ideas: fill)  (idéias: encher)preencher vt
pad vtr (add more of sthg)  (adicionar mais de algo)preencher vt
populate vtr (programming: fill with data)preencher vt
fill in preencher
fill out preencher
round off
(complete)  (inteirar)completar, preencher vt
 I'm going to round off that pile of papers that needs to be filed.
occupy vtr (time: fill)  (tempo )ocupar, preencher vt
  tomar, levar vt
draw a check,
UK: draw a cheque
US (make out a cheque, pay by cheque)fazer um cheque, preencher um cheque
 Your invoice was approved so I'll draw a cheque for you by the end of the day.
fulfil the terms of vtr (comply with: conditions of)  (cumprir com as condições)preencher os requisitos v int
 If you fail to fulfil the terms of the contract, you may be sued for breach of contract.
meet requirements v (suffice, be appropriate)  (ser apropriado)preencher os requisitos v int
  ser adequado loc v int
 Go ahead and apply for the job if you meet the requirements.
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