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preocupar worry
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concern vtr (to trouble)preocupar vt
 I am concerned about his health.
 Estou preocupado com a saúde dele.
worry vtr (trouble, bother)preocupar vt
 I am worried by his drug use.
 Estou preocupado com seu uso de droga.
affect vtr (concern)preocupar vt
 The demonstrations in town don't affect me.
trouble vtr (worry)preocupar vt
 She was troubled by his spending habits.
 Ela estava preocupada com os hábitos de consumo dele.
preoccupy vtr (worry, concern)preocupar vt
preoccupy vtr (obsess)preocupar vt
nag vtr (worry)  (preocupação)preocupar vt
concern vtr (affect)afetar, preocupar vt
 This is an issue that concerns everyone.
 Essa é uma questão que afeta (or: preocupa) a todo o mundo.
worry vi (feel uneasy)preocupar-se vp
 I know he is eighteen, but I still worry when he goes out alone.
 Sei que ele tem dezoito anos, mas ainda me preocupo quando ele sai sozinho.
worry vi (be preoccupied)preocupar-se vp
 We are safe, so please don't worry.
exercise vtr (worry)preocupar-se vp
 Don't exercise yourself about his broken promises.
trouble vi (worry)preocupar-se vp
 It's alright, I'll do it - don't trouble.
trouble vi (make an effort)incomodar-se vp
  preocupar-se vt
 Don't trouble yourself with this. I will do it.
bother vi (make an effort)preocupar-se v p
  dar-se ao trabalho loc vp
 He didn't bother to answer the email.
 Ele nem se preocupou em responder ao e-mail.
unsettle vtr (trouble, make uneasy)perturbar, preocupar vt
concern yourself with vtr (worry about)preocupar-se vp
 I'll buy it for you, so don't concern yourself with the cost.
concern yourself with vtr (be preoccupied with)preocupar-se com vp
 It's best not to concern yourself with things you cannot change.
see after preocupar-se com
  cuidar de
trouble with preocupar com
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