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pressionar press, compress
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pressure vtr (try to persuade coercively)pressionar vt
 The salesman pressured his customer to buy.
pressure vtr (coerce) coagirpressionar vt
 Renee pressured Mike to attend the wedding.
 René pressionou a Miguel que fosse ao casamento.
press, press [sth] vtr (push on) empurrarpressionar vt
 forçar vt
 He pressed against the table to get it to move.
 Ele pressionou a mesa para movê-la.
press, press [sb] for [sth] vtr (beg, entreat)pressionar vt
 He pressed the court for a decision.
press, press [sb] for [sth] vtr (hurry)pressionar vt
 Time is running out, I'll have to press you for an answer.
press vtr (harass)pressionar vt
 The bill collector presses debtors to pay, calling at all hours of the day.
press, press for [sth] vi (insist) insistirpressionar v int
 When the witness evaded the question, the prosecutor pressed for an answer.
pressurize vtr (harass, coerce) atormentar, coagirpressionar vt
chase up vtr phrasal sep figurative, informal (check or assist progress of)perseguir vt
 pressionar vt
depress vtr (pushed down) empurrado para baixopressionar vt
lobby vi US (press government)pressionar v int
 fazer lobby loc v int
lobby vi US (press [sb] for)pressionar v int
 fazer lobby loc v int
pump vtr ([sb] for information)pressionar vt
shift vi (press the shift key)pressionar a tecla shift loc v int
 Shift when you want to type a capital letter.
push vtr (press against)apertar, pressionar vt
 Push that button to start the blender.
 Aperte (or: pressione) o botão para ligar o liquidificador.
press, press [sth] vtr (key: push down) teclaapertar, pressionar vt
 He pressed the delete key.
 Ele apertou (or: pressionou) a tecla "delete".
press, press [sth] vtr (button: depress) botãoapertar, pressionar vt
 He pressed the button to ring the doorbell.
 Ele apertou (or: pressionou) o botão para tocar a campainha.
press, press [sth] vtr (embrace, hold close) abraçarpressionar, apertar vt
 He pressed his lover to his chest.
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