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processo smprocess nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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process n (method)  (método)processo sm
 The process of manufacturing chairs is quite complex.
 O processo de fabricar cadeiras é um tanto complicado.
process n (systematic actions)processo sm
 You must follow the same process every time you do it.
process n (law: summons)  (jurid, )citação sf
  intimação sf
  processo sm
 The process was served by a bailiff.
process n (time: course)processo sm
 Throughout the process, he stayed loyal to his beliefs.
suit n (lawsuit)  (ação judicial)processo sm
 The suit alleged that the company stole their intellectual property.
 O processo alegava que a companhia roubou a propriedade intelectual deles.
proceedings npl (legal action)  (judicial)ação sf
   (judicial)processo sm
litigation n (lawsuit)  (ação judicial)processo sm
proceeding n (legal)processo sm
  ação sf
prosecution n (law: court)processo sm
retrial n (repeat court proceedings)  (tribunal)novo processo loc sm
pretrial adj (prior to a legal trial)  (antes de um processo judicial)pré-processo adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
pretrial n (court hearing held prior to a trial)  (fase preliminar de um processo judicial)pré-processo sm
canning process n (process of putting food in tins)processo de enlatar comida
freezing process n (procedure for making [sth] frozen)processo de congelamento loc sm
legal proceedings npl (court case)processo legal, procedimento legal loc sm
 The legal proceedings dragged on for over a year.
court case n (trial, legal proceeding)processo judicial loc sm
 In the US court cases are heard either by a judge or a jury.
due process n (standard procedure)  (procedimento padrão)processo devido loc sm
due process n (established course of legal proceedings)processo devido loc sm
 If arrested, you have the right to due process.
college application n (application for undergraduate admission)processo de inscrição em universidade loc sm
 My daughter was busy all weekend filling out college applications.
contempt process n (legal action against disruption in court)  (ação contra desrespeito no tribunal)processo por desacato loc sm
court costs npl (expenses incurred by a court case)custos do processo loc sm, pl
 We didn't sue him because we didn't have enough money for the court costs.
packing n (box and contents)  (caixas e conteúdo)material para acondicionamento loc sm
   (bagagem)processo de fazer as malas loc sm
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