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procurar vtsearch, look for vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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look up
(seek)  (por palavra)procurar vt
 She looked up the word that she didn't know.
want vtr usu. passive (for crime, by police)procurar vt
 He is wanted by the police.
search vi (look for [sth])procurar v int
 He is searching for his keys.
seek vtr (look for)  (buscar)procurar vt
 The detective is seeking some clues to the crime.
 O detetive está procurando algumas pistas do crime.
seek vtr (attempt to, desire to)  (tentar)buscar, aspirar, almejar vt
  procurar vt
 I seek to restore my honour.
cast about vi (search)procurar vt
 I'm casting about for some really good example sentences.
look for vtr (search for, seek)procurar vt
 Some people look for love on the internet.
 I looked for you, but I couldn't find you.
cast about for vtr phrasal 3-part (seek)procurar vt
delve vi figurative (seek)  (figurado)procurar vt
look around procurar
  olhar em volta
fish vtr figurative (search through)buscar, procurar vt
 They're fishing the whole region for leads.
search vtr (look in, examine)  (olhar em, examinar)vasculhar, procurar vt
 The police searched the building but there was no sign of the kidnapper.
 A polícia vasculhou (or: procurou no) o prédio, mas não havia nenhum sinal do sequestrador.
looking v pres p (present participle of to look)  (gerúndio de procurar, buscar)procurar, buscar vt
 He was looking for his keys.
 Estava procurando (or: buscando) as chaves.
seek vtr (request)  (requerer)pedir, procurar vt
 We seek advice from wise teachers.
seek vtr (inquire)  (esforçar-se por descobrir)inquirir, procurar vt
 Seek and you will find!
search vi (on Internet)  (na Internet)procurar, buscar vt
 He searched for the answer online.
nitpick vi figurative, informal (find trivial faults)  (figurado)procurar defeitos loc v int
lech vi abbr, slang (be lecherous)  (abrev, gíria)procurar prazer sexual loc v int
ask for it v informal (invite trouble)procurar confusão loc v
hunt high and low vi (search everywhere)  (procurar, buscar em todo lugar)procurar para cima e para baixo loc vt
 I hunted high and low for my keys, but they were nowhere to be found.
hunt through vtr (search among)procurar, buscar entre vt
 I hunted through all the dusty, discarded papers in the attic, hoping to find my grandfather's birth certificate.
look everywhere vi (search in many places)procurar por todo lugar loc v int
 We looked everywhere but we couldn't find it.
not look for vtr (not try to find)  (literal)não procurar vt
divine vtr (with rod)  (com vareta)procurar com vareta loc vt
fish for procurar obter
look around for procurar por
search out procurar, vasculhar, sondar
wild goose chase tentativa absurda e em vão
  procurar agulha num palheiro
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