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professor smteacher, professor nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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teacher n (instructor)professor sm
 The teacher is late for class.
 O professor está atrasado para a aula.
teacher n (professor)professor sm
 My mother is a teacher at the university.
teacher n (master)professor sm
 Dr Hosmer is a teacher of history to post-graduates.
schoolmaster n (male teacher)  (de instrução primária)professor sm
   (desusado)mestre-escola sm
schoolteacher n (tutor or professor at a school)professor sm
form tutor n UK (teacher assigned to a class)professor sm
  tutor sm
professor n (university teacher)professor sm
master n UK archaic (teacher)professor, mestre sm
 The master expects that we have our schoolwork finished on time.
reader n UK (instructor)  (instrutor)professor adjunto loc sm
 She is a Reader in Classics at Cambridge University.
instructor n (teacher, trainer)instrutor, treinador, professor sm
lectureship n (position of lecturer)professor-assistente sm
preceptor n US (medical professor)professor de medicina loc sm
assistant professor n (university teacher: lower than associate professor)professor assistente loc sm
 When she got her first teaching job, she was an assistant professor.
associate professor n (university teacher: higher than assistant professor)  (EUA, professor universitário)professor associado loc sm
 She got tenure when she was promoted to associate professor.
certified teacher n ([sb] qualified to teach)professor titulado loc sm
 He is a certified teacher, but unfortunately he can't keep order in class.
graduate assistant n US (postgraduate student employed as teaching assistant)professor assistente loc sm
 Technically I'm a graduate assistant, but the professor just treats me as his slave.
dance teacher n (dancing instructor)professor de dança loc sm
 My dance teacher danced professionally for twenty years before she started teaching.
drama teacher n ([sb] who gives tuition in theatre)professor de teatro loc sm
elementary school teacher n US ([sb] who teaches in a primary school)professor de escola primária loc sm
 Ms. Talton is an excellent elementary school teacher.
fitness instructor n (physical trainer, exercise teacher)professor de ginástica loc sm
tutor vtr (coach academically)professor particular loc sm
teaching fellow assistente de professor universitário
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