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progredir progress, proceed
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come vi (to fare, manage)progredir v int
 How's that report coming?
advance vtr (further)progredir v int
   (promover)subir vt
 He advanced his career by winning clients.
 Ele progrediu na carreira conquistando clientes.
progress vi (advance)  (avançar)progredir vt
 The project is progressing on schedule.
 O projeto está progredindo dentro do programado.
upgrade vtr (position at work)progredir vt
come along chegar,aparecer
  vir também
get ahead adiantar-se
make a dent progredir
make way abrir caminho
increase vi (go up)  (subir)crescer, progredir v int
 The quality of this product has increased over the last year.
develop vtr (countries, economically)  (economicamente)desenvolver, progredir v int
  crescer vt
 China continues to develop rapidly.
 A China continua a desenvolver (or: progredir) rapidamente.
advance vi (improve, progress)melhorar, progredir v int
  avançar vt
 The child's reading skills are advancing.
progress vi (improve)melhorar, progredir v int
 The patient's condition was progressing.
not proceed with vtr (terminate, cancel)  (terminar, cancelar)não continuar com, não progredir com vt
 When we found out how expensive the goods were, we did not proceed with the order.
boom vi (business activity)progredir subitamente loc v int
   (estrangeirismo)boom sm
  Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement.

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