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prova sfproof, test, evidence
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test n (examination)  (exame)teste sm
  prova sf
 I have a German test today, and hope I get good results.
 Tenho um teste de alemão hoje e espero ter bom resultado.
 Tenho uma prova de alemão hoje e espero ter bom resultado.
paper n (exam)prova sf
 I have two more papers to sit, then my exams are over!
taste n (sample of food or drink)  (amostra de comida ou bebida)prova sf
  pouquinho sm
 Would you like a taste of this wine?
 Deseja uma prova deste vinho?
trial n (sports contest)  (esportivo)prova sf
 The time trials determine who competes in the final race.
trial n (contest for animals)  (para animais)prova sf
 I am taking my filly to the horse trials tomorrow.
exam n (important test)  (teste importante)prova sf
  exame sm
 The algebra exam was difficult.
 A prova de álgebra foi difícil.
exhibit n (law: document)  (jurídico)prova sf
  documento sm
 The prosecution asked that the letter be entered into evidence as an exhibit.
proof n (evidence)  (demonstração evidente)prova sf
 His dancing was proof that he had no sense of rhythm.
 Sua maneira de dançar era prova que ele não tinha o menor senso de ritmo.
proof n (evidence: legal)  (jurídico)prova sf
 He was holding a smoking gun, that's all the proof I need.
 Segurava uma arma recém usada; é a única prova que eu necessito.
proof n (test)  (teste)prova sf
 The proof of courage is in facing up to our worst fears.
statement n (situation that says [sth] strongly)  (indício forte)prova sf
  sinal sm
 The clothes she wears really make a statement about who she is.
galley adj (publishing proof: preliminary)  (arte gráfica)prova sf
testimony n (proof, evidence)prova sf
tribute n (evidence, testimony)prova sf
tryout n (sports trial)  (esporte)teste sm
  prova sf
body of evidence n (collected evidence in support of a case)prova sf
 The collected body of evidence indicates that Al is innocent.
 The body of evidence overwhelmingly proves his guilt.
examination n (test, exam)exame, teste sm
  prova sf
test run prova
test vi (undergo testing)ter teste, fazer prova loc v int
 Next Friday we are going to test.
plant vtr (place incriminating evidence)plantar prova falsa loc vt
  forjar vt
 The mafia planted the body in Jerry's car.
bite n (mouthful)mordida, prova sf
 Take a bite. You might like the taste of it.
 Dê uma mordida (or: prova). Você talvez goste do sabor.
evidence n (proof)evidência, prova sf
  indício sm
 The DNA tests could not be admitted as evidence.
pull vtr (printing: take a sample)imprimir prova loc vt
 The printer pulled a proof of the new plate.
waterproof adj (resistant to water)à prova de água loc adj
testament n (evidence)evidência, prova sf
  testemunho sm
bulletproof adj (resistant to bullets)blindado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  à prova de balas loc adj
foolproof adj (that cannot be misused)  (fácil de usar)à prova de acidentes loc adj
substantiation n (evidence, verification)  (verificação)substantificação, justificação sf
   (evidência)prova, comprovação sf
fireproof adj (flame resistant)à prova de fogo loc adj
showjumping n (horseriding event)  (evento eqüestre)concurso hípico loc sm
  prova hípica loc sf
soundproof adj (sealed against noise)à prova de som loc adj
  com isolamento acústico loc sm
weatherproof adj (sealed against the elements)à prova d'água loc adj
  estanque, vedado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
comp n abbr, informal (comprehensive exam)  (abrev., inf.)prova final loc sf
taster n informal (food, drink: small sample)prova, degustação sf
windproof [sth]
(resistant to the wind)à prova de vento loc adj
windproof [sth]
(make resistant to the wind)tornar à prova de vento loc vt
acid test n figurative ([sth] crucial or decisive)prova de fogo loc sf
 The acid test in becoming a good cook is making a perfect soufflé.
body armour
US: body armor
US (garments worn to protect body against bullets, shrapnel)armadura sf
  colete à prova de balas
 As body armor, police cadets wear protective vests.
bulletproof vest
bullet-proof vest
(protective bullet-resistant jacket)colete à prova de bala loc sm
 He is alive today because a bullet-proof vest stopped the bullet that was meant to kill him.
burden of proof n (responsibility for providing enough evidence of [sth])  (legal)ônus da prova loc sm
 Mother had the burden of proof to prove that I swiped the cookies.
conclusive evidence n (proof that leaves no doubt)prova concludente loc sf
 There's no conclusive evidence that flying saucers exist.
damning evidence n (proof of guilt)prova concludente loc sf
 The prosecution produced damning evidence of his guilt.
direct evidence n (law: clear, first-hand proof)  (lei)prova material loc sf
  evidência direta
 There's still not enough direct evidence to know the full truth.
(equipped with a backup system)  (infalível, com backup)à prova de falhas loc adj
flak jacket n (military: protective vest)  (Mil: )colete à prova de bala loc sf
 He would have been seriously hurt if his flak jacket hadn't stopped the bullet.
incontrovertible evidence n (proof beyond argument)prova irrefutável loc sf
 The judge agreed that there was incontrovertible evidence of Sam's guilt.
incriminating evidence n (proof that condemns [sb])prova incriminatória
 The thief left his mobile phone at the crime scene, which the police will use as incriminating evidence.
indirect evidence n (law: hearsay)prova circunstancial, prova indireta
 There is no proof of his guilt, only indirect evidence.
indisputable evidence n (proof beyond question)prova irrefutável
 I have indisputable evidence that you ate my chocolate - it is all round your mouth!
legal evidence n (testimony admissible in court)prova testemunhal loc sf
  prova legal loc sf
 Dr.Schwartz was called on to give legal evidence about the defendant's injuries.
oral n (oral exam)  (prova oral)prova oral loc sf
token n (symbol)símbolo, sinal sm
  prova, lembrança sf
hearsay evidence prova indireta
proof sheet prova tipográfica
put on trial botar à prova
time trial prova, ensaio cronometrado
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