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puxar pull
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US: draft
(fishing net)puxar vt
 He drafted the fishing nets to bring in the day's catch.
draw vtr (pull [sth] behind oneself)puxar vt
 The truck is strong enough to draw a one-ton trailer.
train vtr (guide a plant's growth)  (guiar a planta numa direção)puxar vt
 I trained the ivy to grow up the wall.
pull vtr (draw toward oneself)puxar vt
 He pulled the computer towards himself.
 Ele puxou o computador em sua direção.
pull vtr (tug at)puxar vt
 The girl pulled on her father's coat.
 A menina puxou o casaco do pai dela.
pull vi (tug, haul)puxar v int
  arrastar, rebocar v int
 Don't stop pulling, even if you get tired.
strain vi (to pull with force)puxar vt
  esticar, forçar vt
 The animal strained against the rope.
jerk vtr (pull quickly)  (rapidamente)puxar vt
tug vtr (pull)  (com ímpeto)puxar vt
fish up puxar
draw vtr (extract)extrair, tirar, puxar vt
 He often draws water from the well.
draw vtr (curtains)  (cortinas)abaixar, puxar vt
  levantar vt
 Each night they draw the curtains.
pull vtr (extract)puxar, tirar vt
 The secretary pulled the file from the cabinet.
pull vtr (squeeze)apertar, puxar vt
 Pull the trigger gently and firmly.
pull vtr (stretch)esticar, puxar vt
  esgarçar vt
 Please don't pull on that sweater, you will ruin it.
wrest vtr (pull away by force)arrancar, puxar vt
toady vi slang (behave obsequiously)  (gíria)puxar o saco loc v int
  bajular, adular, lisonjear vt
brown nose vtr slang, vulgar (be obsequious, sycophantic towards)bajular, puxar o saco vt
 You got that promotion because you brown nosed the boss.
drag along vtr (force to accompany)arrastar, puxar, levar à força vt
 If you drag your son along to church he will only resent it.
lug vtr (sthg heavy: carry)  (com esforço)puxar, carregar, arrastar vt
pluck vtr (pick, pull out)arrancar, puxar, colher vt
slap on the wrist repreensão
  puxar as orelhas
strike up puxar conversa
  começar a tocar ou cantar
  travar relações
take after assemelhar-se a, puxar a
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