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Traduções principais
puxar pull
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Traduções principais
pull vtr (draw toward oneself)puxar vt
 He pulled the computer towards himself.
 Ele puxou o computador em sua direção.
boost [sth/sb] vtr (push up)puxar vt
  levantar vt
 Rick boosted Amy out of the water.
haul [sth] vtr (pull)puxar vt
  arrastar vt
 Paul hauled a deer that he shot to his truck.
hitch [sth] up vtr (trousers, etc.: pull up)prender vt
  puxar vt
  sungar vt
 Will hitched his pants up before walking into the interview.
jerk [sth] vtr (pull quickly) (rapidamente)puxar vt
 Sean jerked the paper out of the printer.
lug [sth] vtr (sthg heavy: carry) (com esforço)puxar, carregar, arrastar vt
 Dan lugged his heavy backpack with him wherever he went.
tug [sth] vtr (pull) (com ímpeto)puxar vt
 The boat was tugging a dinghy.
wrest vtr (pull away by force)arrancar, puxar vt
whip [sth] away,
whip away [sth]
vtr + adv
(remove quickly)puxar vt
  arrancar vt
 Glenn whipped away the table cloth, leaving all the crockery and cutlery undamaged.
tug at vtr phrasal insep (yank or pull on [sth](arrancar ou puxar algo)puxar vt
  arrancar vt
tug at [sth] vtr phrasal insep (yank or pull on [sth])puxar vt
  arrancar vt
fish [sth] up vtr phrasal sep US (from the water) (da água)puxar vt
pull down vtr phrasal sep (draw downwards) (fazer baixar)abaixar vt
  puxar vt
 I always pull down the shades at night.
pry out vtr phrasal sep (extract by pulling or levering) (extrair à força)puxar vt
  arrancar vt
 I had to pry it out of her, but she finally admitted she was having an affair.
pull vtr (tug at)puxar vt
 The girl pulled on her father's coat.
 A menina puxou o casaco do pai dela.
strike up [sth] vtr phrasal insep (begin to play: music)começar vt
  iniciar vt
  (figurado, música)puxar vt
 The orchestra struck up a cheerful waltz.
pull on vtr phrasal insep (tug at) (puxar)puxar vt
tug on [sth] vi + prep (pull on [sth])puxar v int
 Tom tugged on the rope and the load began to rise in the air.
pull [sth] vtr (squeeze)apertar, puxar vt
 Pull the trigger firmly.
 Aperte o gatilho com firmeza.
pull on [sth] vtr phrasal insep (stretch)esticar, puxar vt
  esgarçar vt
 Please don't pull on that sweater, you will ruin it.
 Não estique a blusa. Vai estragá-la.
trail [sth/sb] vtr (drag behind)arrastar, puxar vt
 The plane was trailing a large banner.
pull [sth] from [sth] vtr + prep (take out)puxar, tirar, retirar vt
 The secretary pulled the file from the cabinet.
 A secretária tirou o arquivo do armário.
pluck [sth/sb] from [sth],
pluck [sth/sb] out of [sth]
vtr + prep
(pick, take out)arrancar vt
  puxar vt
 Jeremy reached out and plucked the child out of the pond.
Traduções complementares
drawing gerund (pulling, moving [sth])puxar sm
 Drawing the truck from the mud took the strength of five men.
 Foram precisos cinco homens para puxar o caminhão da lama.
pull vi (tug, haul)puxar v int
  arrastar, rebocar v int
 Don't stop pulling, even if you get tired.
 Não pare de puxar, mesmo se ficar cansado.
strain vi (to pull with force)puxar vt
  esticar, forçar vt
 The animal strained against the rope.
heave on [sth] vi + prep (pull, haul)puxar vt
 The workers heaved on the rope to pull the tree down.
pluck at [sth] vi + prep (grab, pull at)puxar vt
 Charlie was plucking at his mother's sleeve, trying to get her attention.
draw [sth] vtr (pull [sth] behind)puxar vt
 The truck is strong enough to draw a one-ton trailer.
draw [sth] vtr (curtains: pull shut) (cortinas)puxar vt
 Each night they draw the curtains.
train vtr (guide a plant's growth) (guiar a planta numa direção)puxar vt
 I trained the ivy to grow up the wall.
pluck [sth] vtr (grab, pull)puxar vt
 Charlie was plucking his mother's sleeve, trying to get her attention.
pole [sth] vtr (push with a pole) (auxiliado por vara)puxar vt
 Hilary poled the punt along the river.
wrench [sth] vtr (pull violently)arrancar vt
  puxar vt
  desembainhar vt
 The knight wrenched his sword from its sheath. Rachel wrenched the door, but it wouldn't budge.
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Formas compostas:
bring [sth] up vtr phrasal sep (subject: raise)mencionar vt
  puxar o assunto loc verb
 It is not a good idea to bring up politics with my family.
brown-nose [sb] vtr vulgar, figurative, pejorative, slang (be obsequious)puxar o saco de vt
 You got that promotion because you brown-nosed the boss.
 Você só conseguiu aquela promoção porque puxou o saco do o chefe.
butter [sb] up,
butter up [sb]
vtr phrasal sep
figurative, informal (flatter, sweet-talk)bajular vt
  (figurado, informal, ofensivo!)puxar saco expres v
 He tried to butter up his boss in hopes of getting an extra day off. Stop trying to butter me up and just tell me what you want.
curry favor,
UK: favour
v expr
US (be ingratiating)bajular vt
  adular vt
  agradar vt
  (BRA: gíria, ofensivo!)puxar saco expres v
 Roderick is always attempting to curry favor to gain an advantage.
drag along vtr (force to accompany)arrastar, puxar, levar à força vt
 If you drag your son along to church he will only resent it.
draw [sth] back vtr phrasal sep (pull away, apart)puxar para trás expres v
 When I drew back the curtains, sunlight flooded in.
 Quando puxei a cortina para trás, a luz do sol inundou o quarto.
flatter [sb] vtr (compliment)lisonjear vt
  (BRA, gíria)puxar o saco de expres v
  (formal)adular vt
 Tim tried to flatter his boss.
ingratiate yourself with [sb] v expr (gain favor with)agradar vt
  (gíria, vulgar, ofensivo)puxar saco expres
 You should try to ingratiate yourself with the boss.
pull [sth] back vtr + adv (draw aside: curtain, cover)puxar para trás expres v
 Doris pulled the curtain back and peered out of the window.
pull [sb] over vtr + adv (draw aside)puxar de lado expres
  chamar no canto expres
 She pulled him over and had a quiet word about his behaviour.
pull the plug expr informal, figurative (cause abrupt end) (causar um fim abrupto)pôr um ponto final expres v
  (literal)puxar o fio expres v
pull under vtr phrasal sep (tide: drag beneath the water) (onda: puxar para baixo d'água)puxar para baixo expres v
 The strong tide pulled the young girl under and she drowned.
pump [sth] vtr (push repeatedly)puxar repetidamente vt + adv
 Max pumped the handle, desperately trying to open the door.
strain vi (pull, push with force)esticar v int
  puxar com força expres v
 The men strained with the effort of lifting the piano.
strain at the leash,
UK: also strain at the lead
v expr
(dog: pull against lead)esticar a coleira expres v
  puxar a coleira expres v
 The dog was so determined to chase the cat, it was straining at the leash.
strike up a conversation v expr (start talking to [sb](começar a conversar com)iniciar uma conversa expres v
  puxar assunto expres v
  puxar papo expres v
suck up vi phrasal slang, figurative (be obsequious, fawn)ser obediente vt
  obedecer vt
  acatar vt
  (figurado, informal, pejorativo)puxar saco loc vt
toady vi slang (behave obsequiously) (gíria)puxar o saco loc v int
  bajular, adular, lisonjear vt
up-thrust n (force pushing upwards) (informal, forçar puxando para cima)puxar para cima expres v
  impulso ascendente sm
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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