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qualidade sfquality n
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part n (attribute) atributoqualidade sf
 talento sm
 He is a man of many parts.
quality n (attribute) atributoqualidade sf
 He has some good qualities.
 Ele tem algumas boas qualidades.
quality n (nature) soma de traços principais, naturezaqualidade sf
 caráter sm
 The quality of true love is not selfish.
quality n (relative excellence) excelência relativaqualidade sf
 This is a suit of high quality.
 Este terno é de alta qualidade.
quality n (music: tone texture) música: tomqualidade sf
 These speakers reproduce the sound quality extremely well.
strain n (being: with common ancestor) com mesmo ancestralqualidade sf
 cepa, linhagem sf
 Many people did not have immunity to this new strain of the flu.
fine adj (wine) vinhofino adj
 de boa qualidade loc adj
 France produces many fine wines.
quality adj (high quality)de qualidade loc adj
 That company makes quality products.
distinction n (special feature) característica especialdistinção, qualidade sf
 mérito sm
shoddy adj (of poor workmanship)inferior, ordinário, fajuto adj
 de má qualidade loc adj
shoddy adj (treatment, service: shabby) serviço, tratamentoinferior, ordinário adj
 de má qualidade loc adj
aesthetic quality, esthetic quality n (attractiveness)qualidade estética loc sf
 There is absolutely no æsthetic quality in that spiky hairdo.
artistic quality n (aesthetic appeal)qualidade artística loc sf
artistic quality n (a characteristic appealing to the sense of beauty)qualidade artística loc sf
first rate, first-rate adj (excellent) excelentede primeira qualidade, de primeira classe loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before a noun
 The dinner was absolutely first rate, Joan.
low quality, low-quality n (inferiority) inferioridadequalidade baixa loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before the noun
 His work was of low quality, and customers rarely employed his services a second time.
 If you buy low-quality equipment, don't be surprised when it breaks down.
low quality, low-quality adj (inferior, poor) inferior de qualidade baixa loc adj
 Low-quality electronics stop working soon after you buy them.
meet quality requirements v (be of a sufficiently high standard)satisfazer as normas de qualidade loc v int
 The goods were sent back to the manufacturer because they did not meet quality requirements.
be good vi (be of high quality)ser de boa qualidade loc v int
 It's a good, well-built table.
vintage adj (wine)de ótima qualidade loc adj
high quality alta qualidade
top-notch excelente, de alta qualidade
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