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querer vtwant, wish vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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care to
(to be inclined)querer vt
 I don't really care to play golf today.
 Eu não quero jogar golfe hoje.
want vtr (desire)  (ter vontade de)querer vt
 I want to eat.
 Quero comer.
want vtr (lack)querer vt
 Everyone else is here, but we are wanting Daniel.
 * Everyone is here, but we want Daniel.
want vtr (request the presence)querer vt
 I want you here by nine o'clock tonight.
want vtr (need)  (precisar)querer vt
 You want to arrive there before the film starts.
want vtr (require, ask)  (precisar)querer vt
 Hello. I want film for my camera, please.
want vi (wish)  (ambicionar, desejar)querer vt
 I want to be a doctor.
 Quero ser médico.
will [sth]
(wish)querer vt
  desejar vt
 Do what you will! I'm leaving in five minutes.
wish vtr (desire: fantasy)  (desejo: fantasia)querer vt
  quem dera interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 I wish I were a princess.
 Queria ser uma princesa.
 Quem dera eu fosse uma princesa!
wish vtr (to like to)querer vt
 I wish to go to the cinema.
mean vtr (signify)significar vt
  querer dizer loc vt
 A green light means "go".
 A luz verde significa "siga".
 A luz verde quer dizer "siga".
mean vi (signify)querer dizer loc vt
  significar vt
 Whatever you mean by those words, I still like you.
will [sth]
(wish, desire)querer, desejar vt
 It doesn't just happen. You need to will it to happen.
will [sth] to happen
(make happen by wishing)desejar, querer vt
 If the runner wills it enough, he could break the record.
means v pres (mean)  (presente do verbo querer na locução querer dizer)querer dizer loc vt
 He means that he wants to go to the movies tonight.
 Ele quer dizer que quer ir ao cinema esta noite.
wonder vtr (polite request)querer saber loc vt
 I wonder if you would be interested in buying this car over here.
 Queria saber se estaria interessado em comprar este carro aqui.
fancy vtr UK (like)querer, gostar vt
 Would you fancy a round of golf this afternoon?
unintended adj (not deliberate, accidental)  (acidental)sem querer loc adj
  involuntário adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
mean to suggest vtr (imply)  (implicar, insinuar)querer dizer loc vt
 Did you mean to suggest that you didn't like my shirt?
be done vi informal (have finished doing [sth])não querer mais saber de loc v int
  acabar de fazer algo loc vt
 I'm a college graduate now; I'm done with foodservice!
 Hurry up and be done with it!
be keen to vtr (be enthusiastic to, want avidly to)querer muito loc vt
 I am really keen to start working on this project.
be drawn back vi (person: wish to return )  (pessoa)querer voltar loc v int
want something in return querer algo em troca
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