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as often as you wish adv (as many times as you like, whenever you want)sempre que quiser loc adv
  quando quiser loc adv
 Feel free to stop by my office as often as you wish.
as you please adv (as you wish, whatever you wish)como quiser loc adv
 You've finished your work. Now you're free to do as you please.
as you will adv archaic (expressing obedience: as you wish)  (expressando obediência)como quiser loc adv
  você quem manda expres
 You may do as you will, but that does not mean your actions will be right.
at leisure adv (when it is convenient)quando quiser loc adv
 She's not in a hurry, so just send her the files at your leisure.
at your convenience adv (when it suits you)à vontade, quando quiser loc adv
 Please return my books at your convenience.
as often as you like tanto quanto você quiser
as you wish como você desejar, quiser
do what you like faça o que você quiser
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