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razão sfreason nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (mat.)ratio nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  motive, cause nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
end n (goal, objective)  (objetivo)fim sm
  razão sf
 To what end are we doing all this?
 Para que fim estamos fazendo tudo isso?
 Por qual razão estamos fazendo tudo isso?
reason n (cause)  (causa)razão sf
 The reason for the misunderstanding was a nasty rumour.
 A razão do mal-entendido foi uma fofoca maldosa.
reason n (explanatory statement)  (declaração explicativa)razão sf
 What is your reason for missing school yesterday?
 Qual é a razão pela qual você não foi à escola ontem?
reason n (sanity)  (sanidade)razão sf
 He lost his reason at the age of thirty, and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
reason n (logic)  (lógica)razão sf
 He used reason instead of intuition to find the missing books.
sense n (judgment, sanity)sanidade mental loc sf
  razão sf
 The poor man has lost his senses.
thought n (reasoning)razão sf
 You should employ thought, not emotion, to come to a solution.
wherefore n usu pl (reason)razão sf
  motivo sm
mind n (sanity)sanidade, razão sf
 He must have lost his mind!
 Ele deve ter perdido a sanidade (or: razão).
reason n (judgement)bom senso loc sm
  racionalidade, razão sf
 While others panic, he shows reason and calm.
motive n (goal, objective)causa, razão sf
  motivo sm
whence conj (for which reason)por esta razão loc conj
therefor adv formal (for the aforementioned)por isso, por essa razão; por conseguinte loc conj
for some reason adv (for an unknown reason)  (por razão desconhecida)por alguma razão, por algum motivo loc adv
 For some reason my computer's started crashing whenever I log on to the internet.
for that reason adv (consequently)  (consequentemente)por esta razão loc adv
 She's always so much fun at parties. For that reason I'm sorry she can't come tonight.
for what reason adv (why)  (porque )por que razão loc adv
 For what reason are you two hours late arriving home?
get right vtr informal (be correct about)ter razão, estar certo de loc vt
 Let me repeat it back to you to make it sure I got it right.
good reason n (justification, grounds)  (razões, justificativas)boa razão loc sf
 She must have had good reason to say what she did about him.
for this reason adv (that is why)por esta razão loc adv
  por isso loc adv
 For this reason, I regretfully resign my post as Minister of Administrative Affairs.
for this reason adv (for that purpose)  (por este motivo)por esta razão loc adv
duty cycle n (electrical power output)ciclo de trabalho loc sm
  razão cíclica loc sf
ledger n (accounting book)  (contabilidade)livro razão loc sm
ratio n (4:1, relative rate)razão, proporção sf
listen to reason ouvir a razão
make your case demonstrar que tem razão
  provar que tem razão
prove your point demonstrar que tem razão
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