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receber vtreceive vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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get [sth]
informal (receive)receber vt
 Did you get the message I sent you?
have [sb] over,
have [sb] to stay
(invite, entertain)receber vt
 We're having his parents over for the holidays.
allow vtr (let have)receber vt
 You may be allowed travelling expenses.
receive vtr (salary)  (salário)receber vt
 He receives a good salary for his hard work.
receive vtr (punishment)  (castigo, punição)receber vt
 The criminal received a life sentence.
receive vtr (title)  (título)receber vt
 He was honoured to receive the title of "Knight" from the queen.
receive vtr (be granted)receber vt
 He received a promotion at work.
 Ele recebeu uma promoção no trabalho.
receive vtr (take in)receber vt
 Yes, I received the package yesterday.
 Sim, recebi o pacote ontem.
receive vtr (gift)  (presente)receber vt
  ganhar vt
 The girl received a doll for her birthday.
 A menina recebeu uma boneca de aniversário.
receive vtr (be informed of)  (ser informado)receber vt
 She received the news of her son's death on Tuesday.
receive vtr (greet)  (cumprimentar)receber vt
 Would you stand by the door to receive the guests?
receive vtr (to experience)  (experimentar)receber vt
 I received such a shock when I saw him again!
receive vtr (radio, TV)  (rádio, TV)receber vt
 Can you receive the TV signal from New York at your house?
 Você recebe o sinal de TV de Nova Iorque em sua casa?
host [sb]
(receive as a guest)  (como hóspede)receber vt
 My uncle hosted the prime minister in his hotel.
 Meu tio recebeu o Primeiro-Ministro em seu hotel.
accept vtr (receive)receber vt
  aceitar vt
 She accepted the shipment from the deliveryman.
 Ela recebeu o carregamento do entregador.
collect vi (payments)  (pagamento)receber vt
 The paperboy usually collects on Thursdays.
come into vtr phrasal insep figurative (acquire: money, etc.)  (dinheiro, etc)receber vt
  herdar vt
 He came into a large inheritance when he was quite young.
come in for vtr phrasal 3-part informal (be subjected to: criticism, etc.)  (estar sujeito a alguma coisa)receber vt
greet vtr (welcome guests, customers)  (dar as bem-vindas)receber vt
  acolher vt
take it receber
  pensar, entender, supor
  agüentar a parada
receive vtr (bear weight of sthg)receber, aguentar vt
 The pillars receive all the weight, not the walls.
receive vtr (contain, hold)conter, receber vt
 This container can receive up to one hundred cubic litres of water.
draw vtr (earn)receber, ganhar vt
 He draws a large salary.
burn vi slang, figurative (be executed)receber castigo loc v i nt
 I want to see that criminal burn!
field vtr figurative (questions)  (perguntas)dar conta loc vt
  receber e responder loc vt
 The candidate fielded a number of questions from the reporters.
earn vtr (money)  (dinheiro)ganhar, receber vt
 How much will you earn per week in your new job?
 Quanto você vai ganhar (or: receber) por semana no novo emprego?
earn vtr (deserve)  (merecer)ganhar, receber vt
 She earned the praise of the community for her voluntary work.
trap vtr (a ball)  (bola)receber e controlar loc vt
 He trapped the ball, turned, and kicked it into the back of the net.
receivable adj (awaiting payment, due)  (aguardando pagamento)a receber loc adj
entertain guests vi (invite people over)receber convidados loc vt
get back vtr (have [sth] returned)receber de volta loc vt
 Get the book back to me as soon as you're done with it.
accounts receivable contas a receber
get what you deserve receber o que merece
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