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Traduções principais
rede sfnet, network nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
network n (linked computers) (computadores interligados)rede sf
 The company's servers are linked in a network.
 Os servidores da companhia estão ligados em rede.
mesh n (net, web)malha, rede, teia sf
 The net was made of a coarse mesh that let smaller fish get through.
net n (to catch things) (pegar coisas)rede sf
 The fisherman caught a few fish in his net.
hammock n (hanging bed)rede sf
 Those trees are too far apart to hang a hammock.
networking n (computing: using network) (informática)rede sf
  (informática)ligação à rede loc sf
 Networking on the campus extends to every building.
network n (radio, TV: linked transmitters) (radio, TV; transmissoras)rede sf
 Ours is the largest television network in the country.
 A nossa é a maior rede de televisão do país.
web n figurative (network)rede, teia sf
 We're all part of a web of relationships.
 Somos todos parte duma rede de relacionamentos.
grid n (electricity) (eletricidade)rede sf
 Ben installed solar panels and went off the grid.
net n (tennis, volleyball)rede sf
 The tennis player hit the net.
web n informal (Internet) (anglicismo)web, internet sf
  rede sf
Nota: Termos tomados do inglês.
 I bought the tickets on the web.
 Comprei os ingressos na web (or: internet).
net n (soccer: goal)rede sf
 The soccer player got the ball into the net.
the net n informal, mainly US, abbreviation (internet) (informal: Internet)rede sf
  (estrangeirismo, figurado, informal)net sf
 Rachel got on the net to send an email.
Traduções complementares
ring n (network of people, cartel) (cartel)rede sf
  cartel sm
 The police broke up a drug ring.
network n (interrelated system)rede sf
  sistema sm
 The clock operates by a network of gears and levers.
 O relógio opera com uma rede de engrenagens e alavancas.
network n (combination of lines, pathways)rede sf
 The rivers are connected by a network of canals.
 Os rios são ligados por uma rede de canais.
net n (openwork fabric)rede sf
 Kate wore a sweater made of wool net over her dress.
net n figurative (to catch [sb](figurado)rede sm
 The criminal slipped through the police's net.
net n abbreviation (network)rede sf
 The IT guy hooked Sam's work computer up to the local net.
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Formas compostas:
branch banking n (multi-office banking)rede de agências bancárias sf
butterfly net n (long-handled net for catching butterflies)rede para pegar borboletas loc sf
 Jan ran through the field with a butterfly net in hopes of catching a swallowtail.
canal system n (manmade waterways)rede de canais loc sf
 She spent her vacation cruising the canal system of France on a houseboat.
chain store n (shop with many branches) (loja com muitas filiais)rede de lojas loc sf
 Chain stores have been the death of independent retailers.
cricket net n (mesh used in cricket practice)rede de críquete loc sf
dragnet n figurative (system for catching criminals)rede de informações loc sf
electrical grid,
UK: electricity grid
US (electricity transmission network)rede elétrica loc sf
fishnet n (mesh used for catching fish)rede de pesca loc sf
  arrastão sm
 The ship is equipped with various fishnets.
hair net n (mesh worn over the hair)rede de cabelo loc sf
 It is required for cafeteria staff to wear hair nets.
mains npl UK (electricity: grid power)rede elétrica loc sb
 The mains have been down for hours, and hundreds of residents are without electricity.
 A rede elétrica caiu já faz hora e centenas e moradores estão sem eletricidade.
net [sth] vtr (make a net)fazer rede loc verb
 The fisherman sat on a stool netting string all morning.
netting n (mesh fabric) (tecido de malha)tela sf
  material de rede loc sm
 The mosquito netting was old and musty, but it did the job.
networking n (social: using contacts) (social)rede de comunicação loc sf
 He's relying on networking to find himself a new job.
power line n (electricity supply cable) (cabo de fornecimento de energia)rede de energia elétrica loc sf
  cabo de energia loc sm
  rede de alta tensão loc sf
 When lightning struck a nearby power line, our neighbourhood suffered a blackout for several days. Hundreds of homes were without electricity last night after a storm took down power lines.
remote machine n (separate computer)computador remoto loc sm
  computador em rede loc sm
retail chain n (shop with multiple branches) (loja com múltiplos ramos)rede de varejo loc sm
  rede de lojas loc sm
safety net n (mesh that prevents injury) (segurança do trabalho)rede de proteção sf
 A safety net had been rigged below the high wire.
safety net n figurative (security measure) (figurado, medida de segurança)rede de segurança sf
 Medicare's safety net is failing to protect many in the United States.
shopping network n (television station used to sell goods) (estação de TV usada para vender bens)rede de compras sf
  canal de compras sm
snood n (clothing: type of hood)rede de cabelo loc sf
social network n (contacts: friends, family, colleagues) (contatos: amigos, família, colegas)rede social sf
Systems Administrator n ([sb] in charge of a computer network) (alguém no comando de uma rede de internet)administrador de sistemas sm
  administrador de rede sm
tennis net n (mesh that divides tennis court in half) (rede que divide a quadra de tênis)rede de tênis loc sf
web adj (printing: press) (prensa)de rede loc adj
 They used to use web presses.
web of intrigue n figurative (complex plot, mystery) (mistério ou enredo complexo)rede de intrigas sf
 Tom Clancy writes novels about webs of intrigue involving domestic and foreign governments.
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