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rede sfnet, network n
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ring n (network of people, cartel) cartelrede sf
 cartel sm
 The police broke up a drug ring.
network n (radio, TV: linked transmitters) radio, TV; transmissorasrede sf
 Ours is the largest television network in the country.
 A nossa é a maior rede de televisão do país.
network n (linked computers) computadores interligadosrede sf
 The company's servers are linked in a network.
 Os servidores da companhia estão ligados em rede.
web n informal (Internet) anglicismoweb, internet sf
 rede sf
Note: Termos tomados do inglês.
 I bought the tickets on the web.
 Comprei os ingressos na web (or: internet).
hammock n (hanging bed)rede sf
networking n (computing: using network) informáticarede sf
 informáticaligação à rede loc sf
grid n (electricity) eletricidaderede sf
net n informal (Internet) informal: Internetrede sf
net n (sports: goal) esporte: golrede sf
net n (sports: tennis) esporte: tênisrede sf
web n figurative (network)rede, teia sf
 We're all part of a web of relationships.
 Somos todos parte duma rede de relacionamentos.
web adj (printing: press) prensade rede loc adj
 They used to use web presses.
networking n (social: using contacts) socialrede de comunicação loc sf
fishnet n (mesh used for catching fish)rede de pesca loc sf
 arrastão sm
netting n (mesh fabric) tecido de malhatela sf
 material de rede loc sm
networked v past p (network)ligado em rede loc v part
 conectado v part pas
networked v pret (network)ligou em rede loc v pret
 conectou v pret
dragnet n figurative (system for entrapping criminals) da políciarede de informações loc sf
snood n (clothing: type of hood)rede de cabelo loc sf
branch banking n (multi-office banking)rede de agências bancárias
butterfly net n (long-handled net for catching butterflies)rede para pegar borboletas loc sf
 Jan ran through the field with a butterfly net in hopes of catching a swallowtail.
canal system n (manmade waterways)rede de canais loc sf
 She spent her vacation cruising the canal system of France on a houseboat.
hair net n (mesh worn over the hair)rede de cabelo loc sf
 It is required for cafeteria staff to wear hair nets.
chain store n (shop with many branches) loja com muitas filiaisrede de lojas loc sf
 Chain stores have been the death of independent retailers.
basketball net n (mesh goal in basketball)rede para aro de basquete loc sf
 To score, the ball must pass through the goal rim and into the basketball net.
cricket net n (mesh used in cricket practice)rede de críquete loc sf
electrical grid, UK: electricity grid n US (electricity transmission network)rede elétrica loc sf
electricity grid, US: electrical grid n UK (electrical transmission network)rede elétrica loc sf
mesh n (net, web) rede, teiamalha, rede sf
test pattern televisãográfico transmitido por uma rede para ajustar a recepção da imagem
vested interest rede ou grupo de interesse
 interesse pessoal
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