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Traduções principais
referência sfreference nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
reference n (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.) (dicionário, enciclopédia)referência, fonte sf
 The scholar consulted many references, including specialized glossaries.
 O erudito consultou várias referências (or: fontes), inclusive glossários especializados.
referral n (of patient: to specialist) (encaminhamento a especialista)referência, indicação sf
 My doctor gave me a referral to a surgeon.
reference n (mention) (menção)referência sf
 He made reference to the previous director.
 Ele fez referência ao diretor anterior.
benchmark n (mark used for surveying)referência sf
  marco sm
 Start the measurement at the benchmark on the stone post at the edge of the field.
reference n (act of referring) (ato de indicar)indicação vt
  (indicação para outro emprego)referência sf
 The reference from the doctor led me to the specialist.
 A indicação do doutor encaminhou-me ao especialista.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Esta empresa só contrata funcionários com referências.
referee n (person giving reference)referência sf
 Please give details of two referees, one of whom should be your most recent employer.
bench mark
figurative (standard of excellence)referência sf
  padrão de excelência sf
 This restaurant is the benchmark against which I measure all other restaurants.
a nod to [sb/sth] n figurative (allusion)menção sf
  alusão sf
 The musician gave a nod to Ray Charles in his melody.
Traduções complementares
reference n (sthg to refer to)referência sf
 The report was filed for future reference.
reference n (indication to consult another work)referência sf
 We included a reference to another study.
reference n (work consulted) (obras consultadas)referência sf
 The report cited several references.
reference n (authority, [sb] consulted) (autoridade)referência sf
 The scientist was a reference for the project.
reference n US (person giving a recommendation)referência sf
 He was asked to act as a reference for his former student.
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.
Formas compostas:
base n (starting point)ponto de partida, ponto de referência sm
  base sf
 We used the tree as the base, and measured everything from there.
baseline n figurative (reference point)ponto de referência sm
  padrão sm
cross-category adj (search: not restricted to one type) (pesquisa)com referência cruzada loc adj
landmark n (building, geography)ponto de referência loc sm
 The Statue of Liberty is a major American landmark.
landmark n (in directions)ponto de referência loc sm
 The big oak tree made an excellent landmark for people trying to find the local convenience store.
make reference to vtr (mention, allude to) (aludir, referir a)fazer referência a loc vt
 During his speech he made reference to his family.
reference vtr (list sources for)listar vt
  fazer referência loc vt
 You must correctly reference all the books you have consulted in the bibliography.
reference book n (book consulted for information) (livro consultado para informações)obra de referência loc sf
 Sales of expensive reference books have fallen now that the internet's so widely available.
reference letter n (statement in support of a job candidate) (recomendação de candidato a emprego)carta de referência loc sf
  referências spl
 When my former assistant applied for a better job, she asked me for a reference letter.
reference to n (mention of, allusion to) (menção, alusão a)referência a sf
  menção a sf
 The president made a reference to comments in the press about his conduct.
reference work n (book consulted for information) (livro consultado para informações)obra de consulta loc sf
  obra de referência loc sf
 The Encyclopædia Britannica is a serious reference work.
respecting prep (taking into consideration) (tendo em conta)em referência loc adv
  relativamente a loc
 What is your opinion respecting the university's new policy?
Terms of Reference n (outline of a project's scope) (definição do âmbito de um projeto)Termos de Referência loc sm
with regard to,
in regard to,
with regards to
(concerning)com referência a loc adv
  relativamente a loc adv
  em relação a loc adv
  quanto a loc adv
 I am writing to you with regard to your son's behaviour in class.
 Estou escrevendo com referência ao comportamento do seu filho em sala de aula.
with respect to [sth] prep (as regards)em relação a loc prep
  quanto a loc prep
  com referência a loc prep
  relativamente a loc prep
 With respect to your problems, I'm afraid I can't help at all.
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