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referência sfreference nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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respect n (reference)referência sf
  respeito sm
 With respect to your last question, I'm not sure how to reply.
reference n (act of referring)  (ato de indicar)indicação vt
   (indicação para outro emprego)referência sf
 The reference from the doctor led me to the specialist.
 A indicação do doutor encaminhou-me ao especialista.
 * Esta empresa só contrata funcionários com referências.
reference n (sthg to refer to)referência sf
 The report was filed for future reference.
reference n (mention)  (menção)referência sf
 He made reference to the previous director.
 Ele fez referência ao diretor anterior.
reference n (indication to consult another work)referência sf
 We included a reference to another study.
reference n (work consulted)  (obras consultadas)referência sf
 The report cited several references.
reference n (authority, [sb] consulted)  (autoridade)referência sf
 The scientist was a reference for the project.
reference n US (person giving a recommendation)referência sf
 He was asked to act as a reference for his former student.
regard n (reference)  (referência)respeito sm
  referência sf
 In regard to the second question, I have no opinion.
key vtr (cross-reference)fazer referência loc vt
 Key all your entries so that things are easy to find.
reference n (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.)  (dicionário, enciclopédia)referência, fonte sf
 The scholar consulted many references, including specialized glossaries.
 O erudito consultou várias referências (or: fontes), inclusive glossários especializados.
reference vtr (list sources for)listar vt
  fazer referência loc vt
 You must correctly reference all the books you have consulted in the bibliography.
base n (starting point)ponto de partida, ponto de referência sm
  base sf
 We used the tree as the base, and measured everything from there.
referral n (of patient: to specialist)  (encaminhamento a especialista)referência, indicação sf
respecting prep (taking into consideration)  (tendo em conta)em referência loc adv
  relativamente a loc
bona fides n (credentials, good reputation)  (reputação)boa referência loc sf
 Before you hire him, make sure his bona fides check out.
make reference to vtr (mention, allude to)  (aludir, referir a)fazer referência a loc vt
 During his speech he made reference to his family.
cross-category adj (search: not restricted to one type)  (pesquisa)com referência cruzada loc adj
benchmark n (standard)ponto de medida ou referência loc sm
landmark n (building, geography)ponto de referência loc sm
landmark n (in directions)ponto de referência loc sm
frame of reference sistema de referência
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