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refletir vtreflect, deflect vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  think, ponder viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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return vtr (reflect)  (devolver imagem)refletir vt
 The lake surface returned her image.
reflect vtr (return an image)  (retornar uma imagem)refletir vt
 The mirror reflected a face.
 O espelho refletiu uma face.
reflect vtr (return light, heat, etc.)refletir vt
 A visor reflects the sun's heat.
reflect vi (return light, heat, etc.)refletir vt
 The tarnished mirror doesn't reflect.
reflect vtr (reveal, demonstrate)  (revelar, demonstrar)refletir vt
 His yawns reflect his boredom.
 Seus bocejos refletem o seu tédio.
reflect vi (affect [sb]'s reputation)  (afetar reputação)refletir vt
 Your performance reflects on you.
reflect vi (think, consider)  (pensar)refletir v int
  pensar v int
 Please reflect on your actions.
reflect vi (express an opinion)refletir v int
 The speaker reflected on his experiences.
mirror vtr (reflect)refletir vt
 She could see herself mirrored in the water.
mirror vtr figurative (follow same pattern)  (seguir um mesmo padrão)refletir vt
 The growth of city mirrored the growth of the country as a whole.
 O crescimento das cidades refletia o crescimento do país como um todo.
think vi (reflect)  (reflexionar)pensar, refletir v int
 I don't know at the moment; I need to think about it again.
 No momento, não sei. Preciso pensar (or: refletir) sobre isso um pouco mais.
muse on vtr (ponder, consider)meditar sobre, refletir sobre vt
   (coloquial)ruminar,matutar vt
 He took weeks to muse on the question before putting pen to paper.
be closely reflected vi (fit more accurately with [sth])refletir principalmente em
mull vtr (think about)  (pensar sobre)meditar, matutar, refletir v int
ponder vi (think about)ponderar, refletir v int
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