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registro smregister, record nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  registration nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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range n (voice)  (voz)registro sm
  alcance sm
 The opera singer's voice had a range of three octaves.
stop n (musical instruments)  (instrumento musical)registro sm
  chave sf
 One of the stops of the organ is loose.
record n (written account)  (relato por escrito)relato sm
  registro sm
  anotação sf
 The captain left a record in his log.
 O capitão deixou um relato em seu diário.
record n (preservation in writing)registro sm
 Nomadic tribes leave few records.
record n (memorial)  (memorial)registro sm
  informe sm
 This book is a record of their achievements.
record n (judicial pleadings)registro sm
 The judicial record demonstrates the precedent.
record n (database)  (banco de dados)registro sm
 The database table has 130 records in it.
track n (awareness)  (ficar de olho)registro sm
   (não perder de vista)vista sf
 Try to keep track of our location.
log n (engineering: note book)registro sm
   (registro durante vôo)diário de vôo loc sm
   (registro durante navegação)diário de bordo loc sm
 Please use the log to track any changes to the process.
 Por favor, use o registro para anotar qualquer mudança no processo.
  O piloto anotou o acidente no diário de vôo.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
  O capitão anotou no diário de bordo a alteração de rumo.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
register n (record book)livro de registro loc sm
  registro sm
 The newlyweds signed the register.
register n (ship's document)  (documento do navio)registro sm
 A ship's register often included the name of the master, as well as the home port.
register n (registration)registro sm
 Go to the town hall to complete the register of the birth of your baby.
register n (music: range)  (música)registro sm
 This soprano's register is wider than most.
register n (air duct control)torneira sf
  registro sm
 If you want less airflow, just close the register a little.
register n (printing: adjustment)  (tipografia)registro sm
 Press sheets include marks to show the page's register.
enrollment n (registration)registro sm
enrolment n (number of students enrolled)  (número de matriculados)registro sm
registry n (register office)  (escritório de)registro sm
registry n (act of registrating)  (ato de registrar)registro sm
registry n (official record book)  (livro oficial)registro sm
registration n (document)registro sm
  inscrição sf
book n (betting: record)registro de aposta loc sm
 Let's open a book on whether John and Jane will actually get married next week.
unregistered adj (not officially signed up)sem registro loc adj
travelogue n (diary of a journey)registro de viagens loc sm
unrecorded adj (fact: not documented)  (fato)sem registro loc adj
check list
(list of items to be checked)checklist sm
  inventário, registro sm
 I went down the checklist and found I had 9 out of the 10 symptoms of depression.
computer log n (computing: record of user activity)  (informática: registro da atividade do usuário)registro do computador loc sm
  histórico sm
 He was fired after management reviewed the on-line activities recorded on his computer log.
court of record n (law: type of tribunal)  (jurid., )tribunal de registro público loc sm
Dean of Enrollment
Dean of Enrolment
US (Registrar of a university)  (de universidade)secretaria de registro loc sf
electronic records npl (history or log stored digitally)registro eletrônico loc sm
 Many companies are using electronic records instead of paper files.
financial record n (account, finance statement)registro financeiro loc sm
formation costs npl (fees charged for business start-up)  (taxas para constituição de empresas)custo de registro loc sm
registrar n (organization with records)registro, cartório sm
registration n (act of registering)registro, cadastramento sm
sign out assinar registro de saída
   (informática)desconectar-se de um sistema
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