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relógio smwatch, clock nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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watch n (timepiece)relógio sm
 My watch says that it is three o'clock.
 Meu relógio marca três horas em ponto.
clock n (device to measure time)relógio sm
 The teacher checked the clock to see if it was lunchtime.
 O professor olhou seu relógio para ver se era horário de almoço.
timepiece n (clock or watch)relógio sm
timer n (kitchen)  (estrangeirismo: aparelhos de cozinha)timer sm
  relógio sm
sundial n (solar clock)relógio de sol loc sm
wristband n (watch strap)pulseira de relógio loc sf
timekeeper n (watch, clock: timepiece)cronômetro, relógio sm
wristwatch n (timepiece worn on the wrist)relógio de pulso loc sm
watch band
(strap of a wristwatch)pulseira de relógio loc sf
repeater n (watch that can chime times)relógio de repetição loc sm
against the clock adv (under pressure of time)contra o relógio loc adv
 It's seems as though I am always working against the clock! These deadlines are ridiculous.
atomic clock n (highly accurate electronic clock)relógio atômico loc sm
 Atomic clocks are the most accurate type of clock.
clock tower n (tall structure with built-in clock faces)torre do relógio loc sf
biological clock relógio biológico
digital clock relógio digital
digital watch relógio de pulso digital
like clockwork como um relógio
turn back the clock atrasar o relógio
wrist watch relógio de pulso
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