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Traduções principais
relógio smwatch, clock nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
clock n (device to measure time)relógio sm
 The teacher checked the clock to see if it was lunchtime.
 O professor olhou seu relógio para ver se era horário de almoço.
timepiece n formal (clock or watch)relógio sm
 My father gave me an antique timepiece that has been in the family for a hundred years.
timekeeper n (watch, clock: keeps good time)cronômetro, relógio sm
Nota: Usually preceded by an adjective
 My digital watch is old, but it's a good timekeeper.
watch n (wristwatch)relógio sm
 My watch says that it is three o'clock.
 Meu relógio marca três horas em ponto.
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Formas compostas:
against the clock adv (under pressure of time)contra o relógio loc adv
 It's seems as though I am always working against the clock! These deadlines are ridiculous.
atomic clock n (highly accurate electronic clock)relógio atômico loc sm
 Atomic clocks are the most accurate type of clock.
biological clock n (regulation of bodily processes) (figurado)relógio biológico loc sm
 Our biological clock tells us when to eat and sleep.
biological clock n figurative (maturation and decline of fertility) (figurado)relógio biológico loc sm
 Older women may race against their biological clock when thinking about having children.
clock tower n (tall structure with built-in clock faces)torre do relógio loc sf
dial gauge n (measuring instrument) (instrumento de medição)relógio comparador loc sm
 Before the digital revolution most of us relied on dial gauges to measure the air pressure in our automobile tires.
digital clock n (clock displaying time digitally)relógio de parede digital loc sm
 The batteries in the digital clock need changing.
digital watch n (watch displaying time digitally)relógio de punho digital loc sm
 A digital watch displays the time by numbers rather than by the position of the hands.
like clockwork expr (regularly, predictably) (de maneira regular, previsível)como um relógio exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 The cat shows up like clockwork every time we eat fish. Like clockwork, my phone always rings as soon as I fall asleep.
pocket watch n (small clock kept in a pocket)relógio de bolso loc sm
 My grandfather had a pocket watch that he kept in his waistcoat.
repeater n (watch that can chime times)relógio de repetição loc sm
stop the clock v expr (finish timing [sth](parar de cronometrar algo)parar o relógio expres v
  parar o cronômetro expres v
  parar de cronometrar expres v
 The timers stopped the clock when the last participant crossed the finish line.
sundial n (solar clock)relógio de sol loc sm
 Meet me at the sundial in front of the library.
time bomb n literal (timed explosive device) (dispositivo explosivo cronometrado)bomba-relógio sf
 The spy planted the time bomb, knowing he only had two minutes to get to safety.
time bomb n figurative (person, thing: will cause trouble) (algo ou alguém que causará problemas)bomba-relógio sf
  (informal, fig.)barril de pólvoras loc sm
  (informal)encrenca sf
 She's a time bomb with a short fuse when she's upset.
time trial n (sport: timed qualifying) (esporte: prova)contrarelógio, contra-relógio sm
 Some stages of the Tour de France are road races; others are time trials.
turn back the clock v expr figurative (revert) (figurado: reverter)voltar as horas, atrasar o relógio expres
 The restore function in my computer turns back the clock to reset the software.
wall clock n (timepiece mounted on a wall) (relógio colocado em uma parede)relógio de parede sm
 This classroom needs a wall clock so that the teacher can stay on schedule.
watch bracelet n (metal strap of a wristwatch) (pulseira metálica de relógio de pulso)pulseira de relógio sf
 This watch bracelet is too loose.
watch chain n (metal chain of a pocket watch) (corrente metálica de relógio de bolso)corrente de relógio sf
watch pocket n dated (small pocket in clothing for a watch) (pequeno bolso na roupa para colocar relógio)bolso de relógio sm
watch band,
watch strap
(strap of a wristwatch)pulseira de relógio loc sf
 The watchband is available in several different colours.
watch band
(strap of a wristwatch)pulseira de relógio loc sf
 I need to replace the wristband on my watch because it is broken.
wrist watch
(timepiece worn on the wrist)relógio de pulso loc sm
 This wristwatch is old, but it is still accurate.
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