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relacionamento smrelationship nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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relationship n (tie, connection to)  (elo, conexão)relacionamento sm
 Do you have any relationship with the company that you are recommending to us?
 Você tem algum relacionamento com a empresa a qual está nos recomendando?
relationship n (emotional connection)  (emocional)relacionamento sm
 Fred and Georgette have a very close relationship, as most brothers and sisters.
relationship n (lovers)  (pessoas que se amam)relacionamento sm
 We have been in a relationship for three years and we plan to get married.
 Estamos num relacionamento há três anos e planejamos casar-nos.
rapport n (working relationship)relacionamento profissional loc sm
  relacionamento sm
interrelation n (connection between)  (relação mútua)inter-relacionamento sm
harmonious relationship n (agreement, lack of discord)relacionamento harmonioso loc sm
 After 50 years of marriage, theirs was still the most harmonious relationship I have known.
commitment issues npl (difficulty in relationships)problemas de relacionamento loc smpl
  medo de compromisso loc sm
 My last boyfriend and I broke up because I wanted to get married, but he had commitment issues.
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