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renda sf  (tecido)lace nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  income, revenue nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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return n (earnings)  (ganhos)lucro, rendimento sm
  renda sf
 These investments offer a considerable rate of return.
income n (personal yearly earnings)  (ordenado anual)renda sf
 He has a very high annual income.
 Sua renda anual é alta.
income n (investment earnings)renda sf
 The income from the investment was substantial.
income n (interest earnings)renda sf
 This investment will provide you with a 4% income.
income n (profit)lucro sm
  renda sf
 We had $3000 income after expenses.
 Tivemos um lucro de $3.000 depois das despesas.
rent n (yield, profit)  (rendas de aluguéis)renda sf
 The investment produces a nice monthly rent.
crepe n (crinkled fabric)renda sf
proceeds npl (money raised)  (dinheiro levantado)produto, lucro sm
  renda sf
earned income n (money earned from work)  (dinheiro recebido por trabalho realizado)renda sf
 Earned income does not include interest or investment income.
lace n (clothing, fabric)renda sf
proceeds n (earnings, money)produto, lucro sm
  renda sf
revenue n (gross income)rendimento sm
  renda sf
income n (gross receipts)renda bruta loc sf
 The business had a substantial income, even before expenses.
 A empresa tinha uma renda bruta considerável mesmo antes das despesas.
tucker n historical (detachable lace neckpiece worn by women)  (postiça)gola de renda ou linha loc sf
discretionary income n (money available for non-essential items)dinheiro excedente loc sm
  renda discricionária loc sf
 I spend quite a lot of my discretionary income on music and books.
high income
(large earnings)  (fin:)renda alta loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 You need a high income in order to live in central London.
income after taxes n (net earnings)renda líquida loc sf
  lucro líquido
 My income after taxes is barely enough to live on these days.
income tax n (revenue paid on earnings)imposto de renda loc sm
 The amount of income tax I have to pay seems to increase every year.
lacemaking machine n (loom for making lace)tear de renda loc sm
 The first truly industrial lace-making machine was invented by John Lively in 1846.
net pay n (total pay after tax)  (salário após descontos)renda líquida loc sf
fixed income
(with a set rate)de renda fixa loc adj
 The fixed-income housing was rent controlled at a low price.
estimated income n (amount of money likely to be earned)renda estimada loc sf
 I'm budgeting next year's taxes based on estimated income.
gross income renda bruta
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