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responder vtanswer, reply, respond vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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answer vtr (solve)  (resolver)responder vt
 The students worked hard to answer all of the maths problems.
answer vtr (respond)responder vt
 The teacher tried to answer all of his students' questions.
 O professor tentou responder todas as perguntas dos alunos.
answer vi (correspond)responder v int
 I have written to him, and hope he will answer soon.
reply vtr (answer, say in response)responder vt
 He replied "yes".
 Ele respondeu "sim".
respond vi (answer)responder v int
  reagir vt
 When he is unsure of the answer to a question, he does not respond.
 Quando ele não tem certeza da resposta, ele não responde.
 * Ele reagiu rapidamente ao tratamento.
rejoin vi (reply, respond)responder vt
reply to [sb]
(answer, respond)replicar, responder, retrucar v int
 He did not reply.
field vtr figurative (questions)  (perguntas)dar conta loc vt
  receber e responder loc vt
 The candidate fielded a number of questions from the reporters.
(make insolent retort)responder insolentemente loc v int
(make insolent retorts to)responder com insolência loc vt
have to answer for vtr (take responsibility or blame for)  (responsabilizar-se)ter que responder por loc vt
 Come the next election, the Government will have to answer for its economic mistakes.
make jointly liable vtr (impose shared responsibility)  (impor responsabilidade comum )responder conjuntamente loc vt
 Only one of them had signed, but the partnership agreement made them all jointly liable under the contract.
answer to vtr (respond to)responder a loc vt
 In answer to your previous question, we will be unable to provide you with further assistance.
answer for vtr phrasal insep (be responsible for)responder por loc vt
answer to vtr phrasal insep (be accountable to: a superior)  (obedecer a superior)responder a loc vt
answer to [sb] responder a alguém
answer yes responder sim
shoot back responder rapidamente
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