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resposta sfanswer, response, reply nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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answer n (response)resposta sf
 I don't have an answer to your question.
 Não tenho uma resposta para a tua pergunta.
response n (reply)resposta sf
 Give me a response by tomorrow.
 Dê-me uma resposta amanhã.
reply n (verbal answer)resposta sf
 His reply was a simple "Yes".
 A resposta dele foi um simples "sim".
return adj (sent, done in return)de resposta loc adj
 I'll write a return letter next week.
answer n (solution)solução, resposta sf
 The answers to the maths problems can be found in the textbook.
 As soluções (or: respostas) para os problemas de matemática podem ser encontradas no livro didático.
unanswered adj (question, riddle: unsolved)  (pergunta)sem resposta loc adj
(insolent retort)resposta malcriada loc sf
  desaforo, atrevimento sm
riposte n (witty retort)resposta inteligente loc sf
  retruque, revide sm
complete answer n (full and detailed response)resposta completa loc sf
 You can't possibly have provided a complete answer with such a short response.
get a response vi (receive a reply)obter resposta loc v int
 I sent several emails but never did get a response.
get a response vi (be acknowledged by words, gesture )  (ser reconhecido por palavras, gestos)obter resposta loc v int
negative answer n (no)  (não)resposta negativa loc sf
 No, "never" and "none" are negative answers to a question.
auto reply n (automated e-mail response)  (de e-mail)resposta automática loc sf
 When I go away I set up an auto-reply so my friends know that they will not get an immediate response to their e-mails.
away message n (e-mail response indicating absence)  (e-mail, mensagem de ausência)resposta automática loc sf
 I emailed him but all I got back was an away message.
be at a loss vi informal (be unable to find response)  (ser incapaz de achar resposta)estar sem resposta loc v int
  estar perdido
font of all knowledge n figurative (source of information or wisdom)  (fonte de informação ou sabedoria)resposta para tudo loc sf
 When it comes to Hemingway, my teacher is a font of all knowledge.
answer for resposta para
answer to a problem resposta a um problema
in reply em resposta
reply card cartão de resposta
reply in the negative resposta em negativo
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