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reunião sfmeeting, reunion nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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meeting n (people together)  (pessoas juntas)encontro sm
  reunião sf
 The community meeting lasted for two hours.
 O encontro da comunidade durou duas horas.
meeting n (business)  (negócios)reunião sf
 The meeting about the new project is at four o'clock.
 A reunião sobre o novo projeto é às quatro horas.
meeting n (religion)  (religião)reunião sf
  culto sm
 There will be a Quakers' meeting in the hall this afternoon.
affair n (gathering)reunião sf
 The party was a casual affair with pizza and local wine.
assemblage n (of things: collection)  (de coisas)ajuntamento sm
  reunião sf
rendezvous n (planned meeting)  (reunião planejada)reunião sf
  rendez-vous sm
powwow n figurative (meeting or gathering)  (figurativo)reunião sf
get together
informal, US (gathering of people)  (encontro amigável, social)reunião sf
 The girls are having a get-together tonight at my house.
coming together n (act of joining or gathering)reunião sf
  convergência sf
 The coming together of North and South Korean politicians signaled a change of policy.
forum n (meeting)fórum sm
  reunião sf
gathering n (meeting)  (encontro)reunião sf
  assembléia sf
reunion n (of musical group)reunião sf
reunion n (of old friends)reunião sf
meeting n (persons assembled)  (assembleia)junta, reunião sf
 The meeting included a few farmers and some shopkeepers.
social n (party)  (festa)reunião social loc sf
 There is a social benefiting the charity. Do you want to go?
boardroom n (meeting room)sala de reunião loc sf
attend services v (go to church)  (ir à igreja)assistir missa, culto, reunião loc v int
 Mom gave up asking us to attend services with her long ago.
closed meeting n (meeting for members only)reunião fechada loc sf
 Although some members urged a public debate, the majority thought the matter was so sensitive that is should only be discussed at a closed meeting.
face-to-face meeting n (in-person discussion)  (reunião em pessoa)reunião face a face loc sf
 When discussing matters like these, it's usually better to have a face-to-face meeting.
hold a meeting vi (meet to discuss [sth] formally)  (reunir)fazer uma reunião loc v int
 The council will hold a meeting to discuss the road repairs.
monthly meeting n (meeting held once a month)reunião mensal loc sf
 Did you attend our company's monthly meeting?
council n (committee)  (de ministros, etc.)conselho sm
  assembléia, reunião sf
make the scene estar presente
  marcar ponto (numa reunião social)
smoke-filled room   (literal)sala infestada de fumaça
  reunião privada de intelectuais
summit meeting reunião de cúpula
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