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Traduções principais
roubar vtsteal, rob vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
pick pockets,
pick [sb]'s pockets,
pick [sb]'s pocket
v expr
(steal money from [sb])roubar, furtar vt
 The thief picked the passengers' pockets.
 O ladrão roubou dos bolsos dos passageiros.
thieve vi (steal)roubar vt
 Barry promised he wouldn't thieve anymore, but he stole a piece of candy anyway.
shoplift vi (steal from a store) (numa loja)roubar vt
steal [sth] vtr (take unlawfully) (tomar ilegalmente)roubar vt
 The thieves stole my car!
 Os ladrões roubaram meu carro!
rob [sth] vtr (steal from a bank, etc.) (banco)roubar vt
 The police are seeking two suspects who robbed a corner shop on Saturday.
nab [sth] vtr slang (steal)roubar, furtar vt
  (brasileirismo)surrupiar vt
 The thieves nabbed my iPhone when I wasn't looking.
pilfer [sth]
(steal in small amounts)furtar, roubar, surripiar vt
 The secretary was caught pilfering pens and pencils.
burglarize [sth] vtr US (burgle: a house)roubar, assaltar vt
make off with [sth] vtr phrasal insep informal (take away) (informal)tirar vt
  (informal)levar vt
  roubar vt
 The thief made off with over a thousand dollars.
steal vi (commit theft) (cometer furto)roubar, furtar vt
 He was caught stealing from the shop.
 Ele foi pego roubando a loja.
pilfer vi (steal small amounts of [sth])furtar, roubar, surrupiar v int
 The store clerk was fired for pilfering from the cash register.
grab [sth] vtr (take illegally, snatch)furtar vt
  roubar vt
 He grabbed the diamonds and fled.
 Ele furtou os diamantes e fugiu.
burglarize [sb] vtr US, often passive (rob: a person)roubar vt
 I was burglarized after I forgot to set the house alarm.
rip off [sb],
rip [sb] off
vtr phrasal sep
slang (cheat, con)explorar vt
  roubar vt
 Some restaurants try to rip off foreign tourists.
get off with [sth] vi phrasal + prep informal (steal)roubar, furtar vt
 The boys were able to get off with an apple in each hand before the farmer chased them away.
swipe vtr (steal)roubar vt
rustle vtr (steal: cattle) (gado)roubar vt
rob [sb] vtr often passive (steal from) (pessoa)roubar vt
  assaltar vt
 Mark's been afraid to go out since he was robbed in the street.
rob [sb] of [sth] vtr + prep figurative (deprive [sb] of [sth](figurado)roubar vt
 You've robbed me of everything but my dignity!
rip off [sth],
rip [sth] off
vtr phrasal sep
slang (steal, plagiarize) (figurado)roubar vt
  plagiar vt
 Carol accused Matthew of ripping off her work.
take [sth] vtr (steal)tirar, roubar vt
 He didn't have the money to pay for the candy, so he just took it.
loot [sth] vtr (steal, rob)pilhar, saquear vt
  roubar vt
 The army looted the city.
hijack [sth],
US: also highjack
(steal: cargo from a vehicle) (carga)roubar vt
 Gerald hijacked a shipment of gold from the train that was carrying it.
cop [sth] vtr US, slang (steal) (gíria)roubar vt
  surrupiar vt
 Brian copped a slice of pizza while no one was looking.
hijack [sth],
also US: highjack [sth]
figurative (appropriate [sth])apropriar-se vp
  roubar vt
Traduções complementares
take [sb] vtr informal, figurative (cheat, rob)roubar, enganar, ludibriar vt
 He realized that he had been taken when the camera he bought had no working parts inside.
steal vtr (obtain by ruse)roubar vt
 That conman stole five hundred pounds from me.
steal vtr (baseball: steal a base) (beisebol: base)roubar vt
 The runner stole second base before the catcher could react.
roll [sb]
US, slang (rob)roubar vt
  (gíria)afanar v int
 I wanted his watch, so I rolled him.
screw vtr (extort)roubar, extorquir vt
 The taxman screws all the profit out of the business.
rob [sb] vtr figurative, informal (overcharge deliberately) (cobrar caro; informal; figurado)roubar vt
  assaltar vt
 Twenty pounds for this? That shopkeeper robbed you!
rob [sb] vtr figurative, usually passive, informal (deprive unfairly) (esportes; figurado)roubar vt
 The referee got it totally wrong! We were robbed!
nick [sth] vtr UK, slang (steal)roubar vt
  (BR, gíria)afanar vt
 Tim nicked some money from his mother.
jack [sth] vtr US, slang (steal)roubar vt
  surrupiar vt
  afanar vt
 Fred jacked a pack of cigarettes from the store.
snatch [sth] vtr (steal)roubar vt
 The thieves snatched the diamonds from the jeweller's display.
palm [sth] vtr slang (steal)roubar vt
  (BRA, gíria)surrupiar, afanar vt
 The thief palmed several items while the shopkeeper was busy with a customer.
hook vtr (steal)roubar vt
  surrupiar vt
  afanar vt
 The burglar hooked some of the jewelry before the police arrived.
sneak [sth] vtr informal (steal)roubar vt
  (BRA, gíria)afanar, surrupiar vt
 Rick's mother said he couldn't have any biscuits, but he sneaked one from the barrel anyway.
cabbage [sth] vtr informal, dated (steal) (informal, datado)afanar vt
  roubar vt
nip [sth] from [sth] vtr + prep US (steal)roubar vt
  (figurado)tomar vt
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Formas compostas:
rustle vi (steal cattle)roubar gado expres v
short-change [sb] vtr informal (pay less than owed)roubar no troco expres
  dar troco a menos expres
steal from [sth/sb] vi + prep (take [sth] illicitly from) (pegar algo de forma ilícita)roubar de expres v
 The little boy stole sweets from the corner shop.
steal the show,
steal the scene
v expr
figurative (be the most impressive) (figurado)roubar a cena expres
  (figurado)roubar o show expres
  (figurado)roubar os holofotes expres
 At the 2010 Oscars, "The Hurt Locker" stole the show.
take from vtr phrasal insep (steal from) (roubar de)roubar de vt
  (informal)subtrair de vt
 Before being caught, he took from his employer at every opportunity.
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