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Traduções principais
roupa sfclothes n pl
  garment, outfit, clothing nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
garment n (clothing) (peça de roupa)roupa sf
  vestuário sm
 The shop embroiders all types of garments with logos and designs.
outfit n (clothes) (roupas)roupa sf
 Rachel is buying herself a new outfit for her holiday.
clothes npl (garments, clothing)roupas sf pl
  (coloquial)roupa sf
 Her clothes were wet after she got caught in the storm.
clobber n UK, slang (clothing, outfit)roupa, vestimenta sf
Traduções complementares
stitch n figurative, usually with negative (clothing)roupa sf
 I can't go to a party tonight; I haven't got a stitch to wear! The streaker wasn't wearing a stitch when he ran across the football pitch.
threads npl slang (clothes)roupa sf
 Hey! Watch my threads! They're brand new!
rags npl informal, dated (item of clothing)roupa sf
 Barbara put on her best rags to go out on the town.
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Formas compostas:
article of clothing n (garment)peça de roupa loc sf
 Two articles of clothing were found at the scene of the crime.
at close range,
from close range
(from near the target)à queima-roupa advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 Despite security checks, the assassin managed to smuggle a pistol into the press conference, and shot the President from close range.
bathers npl informal (men's swimming trunks)roupa de banho loc sm
 Theo forgot his bathers; he had to sit by the side of the pool and watch his friends as they swam.
beachwear n uncountable (clothing worn at the beach)roupa de praia loc sf
bed linen n (sheets, covers for a bed)roupa de cama loc sf
 Part of her job was to put dirty bed linens in the washing machine.
birthday suit n slang (nakedness, bare skin) (nu)roupa com que veio ao mundo
 He didn't knock, so he just walked in and found me in my birthday suit.
chemical suit n (protective outfit)roupa de proteção química loc sf
  traje de proteção química loc sm
children's wear n (clothes made for children)roupa infantil, moda infantil loc sf
 I'm going to open a shop specializing in the sale of children's wear.
close range,
figurative (close-up position) (figurativo)à queima-roupa loc adj
 I could only ever hit the bulls-eye at close range.
cowboy suit n (US cattle herder's outfit)roupa de caubói loc sf
  roupa country loc sf
 She bought her son a cowboy suit for his birthday.
denim wear n (clothes made of jeans fabric)roupa feita de jeans loc sf
 Denim wear was very popular in the '80s.
designer clothes npl (labelled fashion items)roupa de marca loc sf
 If you want my opinion, designer clothes are a total waste of money.
designer label n (exclusive named brand)roupa de marca loc sf
 I get cheap jeans at the discount store, but my friend insists on designer labels.
dirty laundry n (linen and clothes to be washed)roupa suja loc sf
 Place your dirty laundry into the washing machine.
dirty laundry n figurative (unsavoury private business)roupa suja loc sf
 It's impolite to air one's dirty laundry in public.
doll clothes,
UK: doll's clothes
US (miniature clothing items for a doll)roupa de boneca loc sf
fabric softener n (laundry conditioner)amaciante de roupa loc sm
 I forgot to add fabric softener to my laundry, so now my shirts are all scratchy.
fashion boutique n (shop selling trendy clothing)loja de roupa loc sf
  butique sf
formal dress n (clothing for elegant or solemn occasions) (roupa exigida em certos eventos formais)roupa formal loc sf
 We all had to wear formal dress when meeting the Queen.
games kit n UK (sports clothing)roupa esportiva loc sf
 Children bring their games kit to school in a drawstring bag.
 As crianças trazem suas roupas esportivas para a escola em uma sacola.
get undressed vi (take off one's clothes) (tirar a roupa)despir-se vp
  tirar a roupa loc v int
 It was time to get undressed for bed.
hand me down n ([sth] used passed on to another)roupa de segunda mão loc sf
 Emma's sister gave her a hand me down skirt.
launder [sth] vtr (wash: clothes, etc.)lavar roupa loc vt
 The housekeeper laundered the sheets.
laundry n (things to be washed)roupa para lavar loc sf
 Put you laundry in the hamper.
 Põe as tuas roupas para lavar no cesto de roupa suja.
laundry soap n (washing detergent)sabão de lavar roupa, sabão em pó loc sm
 I need to buy laundry soap so I can wash my clothes.
leisurewear n (casual clothing)roupa casual loc sf
linen cupboard n US (closet for sheets and towels)armário de roupa branca loc sm
 I keep pillow cases on the top shelf of the linen cupboard.
menswear n (clothing for men)roupa masculina loc sf
nightwear n (sleepwear, nighttime clothing)roupa de dormir loc sf
outerwear n (overclothes) (para usar ao ar livre)roupa de exterior loc sf
point blank adv (shoot: from close range) (tiro: em alvo próximo)à queima-roupa loc adv
 She shot him point blank, killing him instantly.
regalia n (finery, full formal dress) (roupas suntuosas)roupa de gala loc sf
 The prime minister's guests were wearing formal party regalia.
sleepwear n (nightclothes)roupa de dormir loc sf
smalls npl UK (underwear)roupa interior, roupa íntima loc sf
 Have you seen her smalls on the washing line? All red and silky!
spacesuit n (astronaut's outfit)roupa de astronauta loc sf
  traje espacial loc sm
 The basic design of the spacesuit hasn't changed in a long time.
strip down vi phrasal literal (remove one's clothes) (retirar as roupas)despir-se vp
  (informal)tirar a roupa vt
 I had to strip down to my underwear for my medical examination.
survival suit n (waterproof outfit for divers) (roupa à prova d'água para mergulhadores)roupa de mergulhador sf
throw on vtr phrasal sep informal, figurative (clothing: put on hastily) (roupa: colocar apressadamente)vestir-se rapidamente vp
  jogar uma roupa loc vt
underclothes npl (underwear)roupa de baixo loc sf
  roupa íntima loc sf
 In this cold weather you need warm underclothes.
undergarment n formal (item of underwear)peça de roupa íntima loc sf
  peça de roupa de baixo loc sf
  peça de roupa interior loc sf
 The store stocks a wide range of ladies' undergarments.
undies npl informal (underwear) (roupa íntima feminina)lingerie sf
  roupa de baixo loc sf
wardrobe n (furniture)guarda-roupa sm
 Daphne took off her dress and hung it in the wardrobe.
wardrobe n ([sb]'s clothing)guarda-roupa sm
 Peter is tired of his clothes and has decided to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.
wardrobe department
(studio department)guarda-roupa sm
 The actor went over to wardrobe to see if someone could mend the tear in his costume.
wash n (clothes to be washed)roupa para lavar loc sf
  roupa suja loc sf
 Your shirt's in the wash.
wash n (clean clothes) (roupa limpa)roupa lavada loc sf
 She hung the wash on the line.
washboard n (board used for scrubbing laundry)tábua de bater roupa loc sf
  tanque sm
 You can use a washboard and soap to wash your clothes instead of a washing machine.
washing n (laundry)lavar roupa loc vt
 I don't have time to do the washing this morning.
 Eu não tenho tempo de lavar roupa de manhã.
whites npl (washing: white items)roupa branca loc sf
 I just washed the colours, so now I need to wash the whites.
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