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roupa sfclothes n pl
  garment, outfit, clothing nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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clothing n (disguise)  (disfarce)roupa sf
 He is a wolf in sheep's' clothing.
slang (clothes)roupa sf
 Hey! Watch my threads! They're brand new!
garment n (clothing)  (peça de roupa)roupa sf
  vestuário sm
outfit n (clothes)  (roupas)roupa sf
(surplus clothing)roupa de ponta de estoque loc sf
  roupa de segunda escolha loc sf
 I know a store that sells seconds for a very good price.
laundry n (things to be washed)roupa para lavar loc sf
 Put you laundry in the hamper.
 Põe as tuas roupas para lavar no cesto de roupa suja.
strip [sb]
(unclothe)tirar a roupa loc vt
  despir, desnudar vt
 Strip the baby and bathe him.
 Tire a roupa do bebê e lhe dê um banho.
 Despe (or: desnude) o bebê e dê-lhe um banho.
bather npl informal (swimming trunks)roupa de banho loc sm
launder vtr (wash: clothes, etc.)lavar roupa loc vt
undergarment n (item of underwear)roupa íntima loc sf
  roupa de baixo loc sf
washboard n (board used for scrubbing laundry)tábua de bater roupa loc sf
  tanque sm
menswear n (clothing for men)roupa masculina loc sf
regalia n (finery, full formal dress)  (roupas suntuosas)roupa de gala loc sf
spacesuit n (astronaut's outfit)roupa de astronauta loc sf
  traje espacial loc sm
sportswear n (clothing worn by athletes)  (roupa utilizada por atletas)roupa de esporte loc sf
sportswear n (soft, casual clothing)  (roupa informal)roupa esportiva loc sf
underclothes npl (underwear)roupa de baixo loc sf
  roupa íntima loc sf
clobber n UK, slang (clothing, outfit)roupa, vestimenta sf
knitwear n (knitted clothing)roupa de tricô loc sf
  roupa de malha loc sf
swimwear n (bathing costume, trunks, etc.)  (traje de banho)roupa de banho loc sf
   (feminino)maiô, biquíni sm
   (masculino)calção sm
outerwear n (overclothes)  (para usar ao ar livre)roupa de exterior loc sf
beachwear n (clothing worn at the beach)roupa de praia loc sf
leisurewear n (casual clothing)roupa casual loc sf
nightwear n (sleepwear, nighttime clothing)roupa de dormir loc sf
sleepwear n (nightclothes)roupa de dormir loc sf
undies npl informal (underwear)  (roupa íntima feminina)lingerie sf
  roupa de baixo loc sf
article of clothing n (item of apparel, [sth] that is worn)peça de roupa loc sf
 Two articles of clothing were found at the scene of the crime.
bed linen n (sheets and covers for a bed)roupa de cama loc sf
 Part of her job was to put dirty bed linens in the washing machine.
birthday suit n slang (nakedness, bare skin)  (nu)roupa com que veio ao mundo
 He didn't knock, so he just walked in and found me in my birthday suit.
cast off
US (object discarded by another, especially clothing)rebotalho, refugo sm
  roupa usada
 I gave my cast-off clothing to the thrift store.
children's wear n (clothes made for children)roupa infantil, moda infantil loc sf
 I'm going to open a shop specializing in the sale of children's wear.
close range
literal (close proximity to target)  (literal: proximidade ao alvo)queima-roupa sf
Note: hyphen omitted when term is adj before a noun
 Despite security checks, the assassin managed to smuggle a pistol into the press conference, and shot the President from close range.
close range
figurative (close-up position)  (figurativo)à queima-roupa loc adj
 I could only ever hit the bulls-eye at close range.
dress up
(children's game: putting on clothes)  (brincadeira de criança)fantasia, roupa de gente grande
 My daughters often play dress-up with my old clothes.
formal dress n (clothing for elegant or solemn occasions)  (roupa exigida em certos eventos formais)roupa formal loc sf
 We all had to wear formal dress when meeting the Queen.
hand me down n ([sth] used passed on to another)roupa de segunda mão loc sf
 Emma's sister gave her a hand me down skirt.
ironing board n (apparatus with flat surface for pressing clothes, etc.)tábua de passar roupa
 My sister uses her ironing-board for changing the baby's nappies on.
laundry soap n (washing detergent)sabão de lavar roupa, sabão em pó loc sm
 I need to buy laundry soap so I can wash my clothes.
linen closet n US (cupboard for sheets and towels)armário de roupa branca loc sm
 You'll find clean bedding and fresh towels in the linen closet.
linen cupboard n US (closet for sheets and towels)armário de roupa branca loc sm
 I keep pillow cases on the top shelf of the linen cupboard.
men's clothing n (men's wear, apparel for men)roupa masculina loc sf
 This shop specialises in men's clothing and men's shoes.
bedding n (sheets)roupa de cama loc sf
linen n (bed and bath)roupa branca, roupa de cama loc sf
peg n (for hanging)  (para pendurar)pregador de roupa loc sm
  cabide para chapéus loc sm
underwear n (underclothes)roupa de baixo loc sf
wardrobe n (furniture)guarda-roupa sm
wardrobe n ([sb]'s clothing)guarda-roupa sm
wardrobe n (studio department)guarda-roupa sm
baby clothes roupa de bebê
men's wear roupa masculina
second-hand clothes roupa de segunda mão
sports clothes roupa esporte
try it on experimentar uma roupa
wet suit roupa de neopreno
  equipamento de mergulho
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