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clothes npl (what you wear)roupas sfpl
 Her clothes were wet after she got caught in the storm.
 As roupas dela estavam molhadas após ela ter sido pega pela tempestade.
clothing n (apparel, dress)roupas sfpl
 People wear clothing for warmth and decoration.
 As pessoas vestem roupas para se aquecerem e para se enfeitarem.
gear n (possessions)  (posses)roupas sf
   (informal)coisas sf pl
 Dump your gear and we'll go out for a drink.
  The firemen took off their gear to put on their civilian clothes. Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
ironing n (clothes to be ironed)  (roupas para passar)roupas sfpl
mangle n (clothes wringer)  (máquina antiga)espremedor de roupas loc sm
tog npl informal (togs: clothing)roupas, vestes sf pl
   (informal)beca sf
civilian clothes npl (not military uniform)  (roupas não militares)roupas civis loc sf pl
 After years of serving in the military, John was happy to be back in civilian clothes.
civilian clothes npl informal (not work uniform)  (informal )roupas civis loc sf pl
 I wear a uniform all week but on Friday I change to civilian clothes.
clothing store n US (shop that sells clothes)loja de roupas loc sf
 The new mall has a clothing store that carries all of the styles that I like.
good clothes npl (finest or most formal outfit)  (melhor ou mais formal)melhores roupas loc sf pl
   (antigo)roupas domingueiras loc sf pl
 I would not wear my good clothes while doing the housework.
ladies' wear n (clothing for women)roupas de mulher loc sf pl
 I'm looking for a ladies' wear shop because I need a new dress.
clothes dryer n (machine for tumble-drying laundry)  (máquina para secar roupa)secadora de roupas loc sf
clothes shop n (store which sells apparel)loja de roupas loc sf
  butique sf
 There is a new clothes shop in the city centre.
coat closet n (cupboard for hanging overcoats)guarda-roupas sm
   (pequeno cômodo para guardar roupas )closet sm
dry cleaning n (clothes for chemical cleaning)roupas para lavagem a seco loc sf,pl
 Please pick up the dry cleaning on your way home.
long underwear roupas de baixo longas
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