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rua sfstreet nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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street n (road)  (estrada)rua sf
  estrada sf
 This street has four lanes.
 Esta rua tem quatro faixas.
street n (part of road for cars)rua sf
 Kids, get out of the street and play on the lawn!
street n (road with its buildings)  (estrada com edifícios)rua sf
 It is a beautiful street with all the trees and nice buildings.
 É uma rua bonita com árvores e belos edifícios.
street n (residents of a street)  (residentes)rua sf
 The whole street came out to watch the burning building.
street n US (social context)  (contexto social)rua sf
 While Main Street might think this is bad, Wall Street likes the change.
road n (street)rua sf
 The post office is three blocks down this road.
 O correio fica a três quarteirões descendo por esta rua.
street adj (leading to the street)da frente, da rua loc adj
 Don't use the street door, use the back door.
street adj (taking place in the street)de rua loc adj
 There is a street festival in Springfield today.
street adj (working in the street)de rua loc adj
 The street vendor sold hot dogs from his stand.
street adj (belonging to street culture)de rua loc adj
 His parents couldn't understand his street slang.
jaywalking n US (crossing road at wrong point)travessia de rua fora da faixa loc sf
busk vi UK (play music in public for money)  (INGL, por gorjetas)fazer espetáculo de rua loc v int
gamin n (homeless boy, urchin)menino de rua loc sm
alley cat n (stray cat)gato de beco, gato de rua loc sm
boot out vtr slang (evict)botar na rua
 If you keep acting like an idiot, the hotel management will surely boot you out.
cul-de-sac n (road with no exit, dead-end street)rua sem saída, estrada sem saída
 The neighborhood children could play safely in the cul-de-sac as it was free of traffic.
dead-end street n US (cul-de-sac, road with no exit)rua sem saída
 Don't turn there: it's a dead-end street.
down and out adj (homeless, destitute)na rua, sem teto
 When we met Rick again some years later, he was down and out and couldn't help us.
man in the street n figurative (common man, average person)  (figurativo - homem comum)homem da rua, homem do povo loc sm
 Can you explain your theory so that the man in the street can understand it?
middle of the road
literal (centre of a street)  (literal)meio da rua loc sm
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 The child froze in the middle of the street as the car sped towards him.
stray adj (animal)  (animal)perdido adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de rua loc adj
high street rua principal
just across the street do outro lado da rua
king of the mountain   (jogo infantil)rei da montanha
   (BR: jogo relacionado)dono da rua
street artist artista de rua
street name nome da rua
street people morador de rua
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