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sala room, chamber, hall
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theatre adj UK (medicine: operating room) (medicina)sala de operações loc sf
boardroom n (meeting room)sala de reunião loc sf
courtroom n (venue of law court)sala de tribunal loc sf
MC n abbr (master of ceremonies: compere, host) (abrev. de)mestre-de-cerimônias, mestre-sala sm
playroom n (room where children play) (para crianças)sala de recreação loc sf
chatroom n (internet conversation site) (conversação na internet)sala de bate-papo loc sf
newsroom n (office where news is compiled)sala de redação loc sf
  redação sf
dinette n (breakfast nook, small dining area)pequena sala de jantar loc sf
homeroom n US (school form room) (em escola: sala de controle)sala de chamada loc sf
milkweed n (plant with white sap) (gênero botânico)oficial-de-sala, capitão-de-sala sm
workroom n (studio, work area)sala de trabalho loc sf
boiler room n (room containing hot-water tanks)sala das caldeiras
 During the winter many homeless people sleep in the boiler room.
clean room n (room that is free of dust and dirt)sala limpa loc sf
 Hotel guests expect to find a clean room when they check in.
clean room n (laboratory: sterile environment) (laboratório)sala esterilizada loc sf
 Hardware manufacturing requires a clean room for creating central-processing chips.
dining chair n (high-backed chair used at dinner table)cadeira de sala de jantar
 I've just bought a set of six antique dining chairs.
labour room n (delivery suite where babies are born) (no hospital)sala de parto loc sf
 He was asked to wait outside the labour room while his wife was giving birth.
lecture room n (conference hall)sala de palestras loc sf
 Do you know which lecture room I need for the talk about Picasso?
living room n (sitting room, lounge, family room)sala de estar loc sf
 The whole family gathered in the living room to play cards.
map room n (library where maps are kept) (biblioteca para mapas)sala de mapas loc sf
map room n (war room) (sala de guerra)sala de mapas loc sf
maternity ward n (hospital room for new mothers) (no hospital)sala de maternidade loc sf
 The maternity ward was full of new mums and babies.
music hall n (auditorium, venue for live music)sala de concertos loc sf
 Carnegie Hall is a famous music hall for orchestral performances.
news room,
(office where news is compiled)sala de redação loc sf
 The news room, full of journalists today, is very busy.
chat room,
(website for conversation) (na internet)sala de bate-papo loc sf
 We met in a chatroom for singles, and later began dating.
computer lab n abbr (room with computers available for use)sala de informática loc sf
 When I was in school I worked in the computer lab as part of my work-study program.
computer room n (room where computers are used)sala de informática loc sf
 Computer rooms are kept very cold to protect the computers from overheating.
departure lounge n (airport: waiting room) (aeroporto)sala de espera loc sf
 We were made to wait in the departure lounge before boarding the flight.
drawing room n dated (parlour, living room)sala de estar loc sf
 After dinner the ladies retired to the drawing room.
emergency room n US (casualty department, A&E)sala de emergência loc sf
 The ambulance took the injured man to the emergency room.
family room n US (living room, lounge)sala de estar loc sf
 We have a big-screen TV in our family room.
basement gym n (room in one's home for exercise equipment) (na própria casa)sala de ginástica loc sf
 I am too shy to work out in public, so I usually sweat it out in my basement gym.
cocktail cabinet n (cupboard for alcoholic drinks)barzinho de sala loc sm
 Don't forget that I've put a new bottle of gin in the cocktail cabinet!
dining area n (room or hall in which meals are served)sala de jantar loc sf
 Although people are allowed to smoke in the bar, the dining area of the restaurant is smoke-free.
front room n (living room, lounge)sala de estar loc sf
 Kids were not allowed to play in the front room.
chamber n (law: of judge)sala de audiências loc sf
classroom n (school)sala de aula loc adj
lounge n (waiting room)sala de estar loc sf
surgery n (room for surgery)sala de cirurgia loc sf
concert hall sala de concertos
conference room sala de conferência
delivery room sala de parto
dining room sala de jantar
dinner bell campainha para sala de jantar
operating room sala de operações
rec room sala de recreação
smoke-filled room  (literal)sala infestada de fumaça
  reunião privada de intelectuais
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