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Traduções principais
saltar leap, jump
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Traduções principais
skip vi (jump lightly)saltar vt
  saltitar vt
 The little girl skipped happily down the street.
pounce vi (spring)saltar v int
  lançar-se vp
burst out vi phrasal (spring out)saltar, irromper v int
jump in vi phrasal informal (dive, leap) (informal: mergulhar)pular, saltar viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
 Mike walked up to the edge of the swimming pool, hesitated a moment, and then jumped in.
jump vtr (leap over)saltar, pular vt
 He jumped the puddle to avoid getting his shoes wet.
 Ele saltou (or: pulou) sobre a poça para evitar molhar os sapatos.
jump vi (leap)saltar, pular v int
 He jumped up and down to warm up his body.
 Ele saltava (or: pulava) para aquecer o corpo.
leap vi (jump)pular, saltar v int
 Kyle leaped over the fence.
pounce vi (jump upon prey) (precipitar-se contra ou sobre)saltar, arremeter v int
  lançar-se vp
caper vi (frolic)saltar, brincar v int
 The children capered through the room, shouting and laughing.
cavort vi (prance around)pular, saltar v int
  cabriolar v int
 The children shrieked and cavorted in the yard.
skip vi UK (game, sport: jump over rope)pular, saltar v int
 The children skipped and played hopscotch on the playground.
leapfrog [sth/sb] vtr (leap, jump over)pular, saltar vt
 Running away from the police, the criminal leapfrogged the fence.
spring vi (be released)saltar v int
 A clown will spring from the box.
 Um palhaço saltará da caixa.
leap vi (attack)saltar v int
  pular v int
 The lion leaped at the antelope.
frisk vi (frolic, run around playfully) (brincar)saltar, pular vt
  dar cambalhotas loc vt
 The puppy frisked and frolicked in the grass.
skip vtr (pass by)pular, saltar vt
 He skipped three chapters in the book.
 Ele pulou três capítulos do livro.
leapfrog [sth] vtr figurative (obstacle, barrier: overcome) (figurado)pular, saltar vt
  superar vt
leapfrog vi (advance by large jumps) (figurado)pular, saltar v int
hurdle [sth] vtr (leap over [sth])saltar vt
  pular vt
 Jaime hurdled over the fence and ran away.
leap [sth] vtr (jump over)saltar vt
  pular vt
 The horse leaped the barrier and ran away.
hurdle vi (athletics: leap over obstacles)saltar vt
  pular vt
 Ken hurdled over the barriers at record speed, but tripped after the last one and lost.
vault [sth] vtr (jump over)saltar, pular vt
 In a single bound, Adam vaulted the gate.
vault over [sth] vi + prep (jump over [sth])pular vt
  saltar vt
 The crowds began vaulting over the security barriers and the police couldn't hold them back.
Traduções complementares
spring vi (leap suddenly)saltar v int
 The frog springs from the lily pad.
spring vi (come forth suddenly)jorrar, saltar v int
 Blood sprang from the open wound.
start vi (protrude)saltar vt
 Her eyes started from their sockets at the news.
bound vi (leap)saltar, pular v int
 The puppy runs and bounds in the field.
jump vi (parachute) (paraquedas)saltar v int
 Yes, we plan to jump twice next week. I need to prepare my parachute.
breach vi (whale: jump from water) (para fora da água)saltar v int
 The tourists could see the whale breach from the cruise ship.
bug vi US (eyes: protrude) (protuberante)saltar v int
 With her eyes bugging, Vivian tried to quell her shock and compose herself.
spring vtr (leap over)saltar, pular vt
 The runners sprang the hurdles.
jump on
(board a vehicle) (embarcar num veículo)saltar vt
 I jumped on the train going south.
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Formas compostas:
bunny hop vi figurative (jump like a rabbit)saltar como um coelho loc vt
freefall vi (skydive without parachute)saltar em queda livre loc v int
 Bert jumped out of the plane and freefell for several moments.
figurative (dive)saltar carpado v int + adj
 The diver jackknifed cleanly into the water.
jump off vtr (leap from)pular de, saltar de vt
 She was too scared to jump off the highest diving board.
jump out vi figurative (be very noticeable)saltar à vista
 It really jumps out at you.
parachute vi (land by parachute)descer, saltar de pára-quedas loc v int
 Rescuers parachuted to the site to help the trapped victims.
pole vault vi (sport: jump high using a pole) (esporte: saltar usando vara)saltar com vara loc v int
 He pole vaulted his way to an Olympic gold medal.
spring forward vi phrasal (leap or propel oneself ahead) (saltar ou propelir-se para frente)pular para frente expres v
  saltar para frente expres v
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