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saltar leap, jump
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spring vi (leap suddenly)saltar v int
 The frog springs from the lily pad.
spring vi (be released)saltar v int
 A clown will spring from the box.
 Um palhaço saltará da caixa.
start vi (protrude)saltar vt
 Her eyes started from their sockets at the news.
jump vi (parachute)  (paraquedas)saltar v int
 Yes, we plan to jump twice next week. I need to prepare my parachute.
jump on
(board a vehicle)  (embarcar num veículo)saltar vt
 I jumped on the train going south.
skip vtr (jump lightly)saltar vt
 Just skip over the fence into my garden.
pounce vi (spring)saltar v int
  lançar-se vp
hop vi (jump)pular v int
  saltar v int
hurdle vtr (jump over)  (transpor um obstáculo)saltar vt
spring vi (come forth suddenly)jorrar, saltar v int
 Blood sprang from the open wound.
spring vtr (leap over)saltar, pular vt
 The runners sprang the hurdles.
bound vi (leap)saltar, pular v int
 The puppy runs and bounds in the field.
jump vi (leap)saltar, pular v int
 He jumped up and down to warm up his body.
 Ele saltava (or: pulava) para aquecer o corpo.
jump vtr (leap over)saltar, pular vt
 He jumped the puddle to avoid getting his shoes wet.
 Ele saltou (or: pulou) sobre a poça para evitar molhar os sapatos.
skip vtr (pass by)pular, saltar vt
 He skipped three chapters in the book.
 Ele pulou (or: saltou) três capítulos do livro.
skip vi (hop)pular, saltar v int
 The children dance and skip across the playground.
parachute vi (land by parachute)descer, saltar de pára-quedas loc v int
pounce vi (jump upon prey)  (precipitar-se contra ou sobre)saltar, arremeter v int
  lançar-se vp
leapfrog vtr (leap, jump over)  (pular por cima)pular, saltar vt
leapfrog vi figurative (advance by large jumps)  (figurado)pular, saltar v int
caper vi (frolic)saltar, brincar v int
cavort vi (prance around)pular, saltar v int
  cabriolar v int
frisk vi (frolic, run around playfully)  (brincar)saltar, pular vt
  dar cambalhotas loc vt
freefall vi (skydive without parachute)saltar em queda livre loc v int
bunny hop vi figurative (hop like a rabbit)saltar como um coelho loc vt
burst out vi (spring out, jump out)saltar, irromper
 He burst out from behind the wall, surprising everyone leaning against it.
burst out vi (emerge from [sth] tight or restraining)saltar, pular vt
 The chick finally burst out of its shell.
jump off vtr (leap from)pular de, saltar de vt
 She was too scared to jump off the highest diving board.
jump out vi figurative (be very noticeable)saltar à vista
 It really jumps out at you.
jump over [sth] v (leap over an obstacle)saltar por cima de
 I jumped over the fence in order to reach my ball.
 My daughter enjoys jumping over cracks in the sidewalk.
leap vi (jump)pular, saltar v int
leap vtr (jump)pular, saltar vt
ramp vi (jump using ramp)saltar em rampa loc v int
vault vi (jump over)saltar, pular vt
spring back saltar para trás
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