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seguir vtfollow vtr
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run vtr (follow) deixar-(se) levarseguir vt
 deixar correr loc vt
 We should just let events run their course.
follow vtr (sequence: come after) vir depoisseguir vt
 In the Cyrillic Alphabet, B follows A.
follow vtr (move behind) ir atrásseguir vt
 He followed his wife into the house.
 Ele seguiu a mulher para dentro de casa.
follow vtr (leadership, authority) liderança, autoridadeseguir vt
 He follows his heart, wherever it takes him.
 Ele segue seu coração, não importa aonde lhe leve.
follow vtr (imitate) seguir o exemplo, imitarseguir vt
 She follows her mother in being very talkative.
follow vtr (obey, do as told) obedecer, fazer como mandadoseguir vt
 You should follow his advice.
 Você deveria seguir os conselhos dele.
follow vtr (proceed along) seguir ao longoseguir vt
 Follow the road until you reach the post office.
 Siga a estrada até você chegar ao correio.
follow vtr (watch) observarseguir vt
 They followed her every move.
tail, tail [sb] vtr informal (follow) ir atrás deseguir vt
 espionar vt
 The spy tailed the official to find out whom he was working with.
 O espião seguiu o oficial para descobrir para quem trabalhava.
shadow, shadow [sb] vtr (follow)seguir vt
 The detective shadowed the suspect.
follow on the heels of vtr (come immediately after)seguir vt
 They were afraid a large tidal wave would follow on the heels of the earthquake.
go after vtr (be next ) ir atrás deseguir vt
 In the alphabet, the letter B goes after the letter A.
move along vi (go on one's way)seguir v int
 ir em frente loc v int
be led by vtr (be guided by)ser guiado por loc vt
 seguir vt
 I will be led by my doctor's advice.
follow on vi phrasal (walk behind [sb]) ir ou caminhar atrás ou em companhia deseguir v int
abide vi (follow)seguir vt
 a leiobedecer vi
 suportar, tolerar vt
follow up vi (communicate again)seguir vt
 manter contato loc v int
pursue vtr (follow: information)seguir vt
trace vtr (follow)seguir vt
dog vtr (hound, harass)seguir, perseguir vt
 The problem has been dogging me for days.
 O problema tem me seguido (or: perseguido) há dias.
dog vtr (follow)seguir, perseguir vt
 They dogged him all the way home.
run vi (migrate)migrar vt
 peixesseguir em cardumes loc v int
 The salmon run in the spring.
run vtr (chase) correr atrásperseguir, seguir vt
 The dogs were running a fox.
follow vi (come next after sthg)seguir-se v p
 What follows is an example of how not to proceed.
follow vi (occur as a result) resultar de seguir-se vp
 It follows that reducing interest rates increases inflation.
keep vtr (continue on)continuar, prosseguir, seguir vt
 Keep going straight and you will find the store.
keep vi (continue on a course) continuar num cursoseguir, prosseguir v int
 Columbus kept sailing east till he found land.
continue vtr (not stop)continuar, seguir vt
 He continued his work without stopping for lunch.
 Ele continuou (or: seguiu) o seu trabalho sem parar para o almoço.
track, track [sth] vtr (monitor the progress of) monitorar o progressoseguir, acompanhar vt
 The teacher tracked the student's progress.
 O professor seguia (or: acompanhava) o progresso dos alunos.
proceed vi (advance, go on)seguir, prosseguir v int
 After lunch in the restaurant, they proceeded to the bookshop.
carry on, carry-on vtr (continue)seguir em frente, continuar vt
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun or an adj
 The teacher told us to carry on with the exercise she had assigned while she prepared a test.
 She carried on as if nothing had happened.
ensue from vtr (be a result or consequence of) ser resultado ou consequênciaseguir-se a vp
follow in [sb]'s footsteps vi (take the same career path as a parent) seguir a carreira de alguémseguir os passos de alguém loc v int
 He wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps and become a football player.
follow on the heels of vtr (do the same as [sb] else) imitar, copiarseguir os passos de loc vt
 The young singer wanted to follow on the heels of his famous father.
follow [sb]'s example vi (do the same as [sb] else)seguir o exemplo de alguém loc v int
 I'm going to follow Maria's example and spend more time working with the community.
follow [sb]'s lead vi (do the same as [sb] else) imitar, copiarseguir a liderança de alguém loc v int
 The leader of the exercise class wanted us to follow her lead.
follow suit vi (do the same, copy: [sb] else) copiar, fazer igualseguir o exemplo loc vt
 ir atrás loc vt
 He was such a copycat; if his brother did something he would always follow suit.
 After the first bank started giving away toasters, the rest of the banks followed suit.
follow the crowd vi (copy what others are doing) copiar seguir a multidão loc v int
 She was truly unique, always refusing to follow the crowd.
follow the rules vi (obey instructions) atuar de acordo com as regras seguir as regras loc v int
 Most things work more smoothly when we all follow the rules.
 He was a maverick who thought he didn't have to follow the rules.
forge ahead vi (move forward with determination) com determinação, resoluçãoseguir em frente, tomar a dianteira loc v int
 Forge ahead and don't let your depression get the best of you.
go after vtr (pursue)perseguir, seguir vt
 Mark is now going after a Master's degree in science.
go straight on vi (continue directly ahead)seguir direto loc v int
 Go straight on till you reach the next lights, then turn left.
go straight on vi informal (continue to do [sth]) continuar a fazer algoseguir adiante loc v int
hurry on vi (make one's way speedily)passar, seguir com pressa loc v int
hurry through vi (move hastily )passar, seguir com pressa loc v int
 I turned up the collar of my raincoat and hurried through the rain-swept streets.
keep driving vi (drive straight ahead) direção: continuar adianteseguir em frente v int
 When you see a hitchhiker, do you stop to pick him up or just keep driving?
follow one another v (come one after the other)seguir um ao outro loc vt
follow around vtr phrasal sep (trail)seguir por todos os lugares loc vt
 He followed me around all day.
pursue vtr (follow: physically)perseguir, seguir vt
stalk vtr (follow stealthily) ir secretamenteseguir, perseguir vt
steer vtr figurative (towards option) seguir determinado rumoconduzir vt
 seguir determinado rumo loc vt
trail vtr (follow)rastejar, seguir vt
follow from seguir-se a
 ser o resultado de
jump on the bandwagon seguir a maioria
 fazer como todo mundo
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