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Traduções principais
seguir vtfollow vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
make progress v expr (advance or further [sth])fazer progresso expres v
  seguir vt
 The traffic's still moving but we're making slow progress because of the ice.
wander away vi + adv (stroll off)seguir vt
  ir embora expres v
 The old man stopped and exchanged greetings and some remarks about the weather with the villagers, before he wandered away.
follow [sb/sth] vtr (move behind)seguir vt
 He followed his wife into the house.
 Ele seguiu a mulher para dentro de casa.
continue vtr (not stop)continuar, seguir vt
 He continued his work without stopping for lunch.
 Ele continuou o seu trabalho sem parar para o almoço.
pursue [sb] vtr (follow: physically)perseguir, seguir vt
 The police officer pursues the thief along the street.
go after [sth] vtr phrasal insep (pursue)perseguir, seguir vt
 Mark is now going after a Master's degree in science.
follow [sth] up by doing [sth],
follow up [sth] by doing [sth]
v expr
(make further communication)seguir vt
  prosseguir vt
 John followed up his interview by sending a thank-you note.
move along vi (go on one's way)seguir v int
  ir em frente loc v int
follow [sth] vtr (proceed along)seguir vt
 Follow the road until you reach the post office.
 Siga a estrada até você chegar ao correio.
pursue [sth] vtr (try to attain)seguir vt
  buscar vt
 Melanie is pursuing a career in medicine.
stalk [sb/sth] vtr (follow stealthily) (ir secretamente)seguir, perseguir vt
 The cat stalked the mouse.
follow on vi phrasal (walk behind [sb](ir ou caminhar atrás ou em companhia de)seguir
follow [sth/sb] vtr (leadership, authority)seguir vt
 He follows his heart, wherever it takes him.
 Ele segue seu coração, não importa aonde lhe leve.
pursue [sth] vtr (follow: information)seguir vt
 The police are pursuing a number of leads in their hunt for the suspect.
follow [sth] vtr (obey, do as told)seguir vt
 You should follow his advice.
 Você deveria seguir os conselhos dele.
pursue [sth] vtr (apply yourself to [sth])seguir vt
  buscar vt
 James is pursuing his studies in comparative literature.
trace [sth] to [sb/sth] vtr + prep (find origin, originator)identificar vt
  localizar vt
  descobrir vt
 Karen finally traced the strange smell to the pile of clothes on her teenage daughter's bedroom floor.
adhere to [sth] vtr phrasal insep (rules: abide by, follow)seguir vt
 If you don't adhere to the rules, you will be in trouble.
track [sth],
(monitor the progress of)seguir, acompanhar vt
 The teacher tracked the student's progress.
 O professor seguia (or: acompanhava) o progresso dos alunos.
Traduções complementares
stalking n (following to hunt) (presa, para caçar)seguir vt
keep vi (continue on a course) (continuar num curso)seguir, prosseguir v int
 Columbus kept sailing east till he found land.
carry vi (gain adoption)seguir vt
 The motion will carry in Congress.
proceed vi (advance, go on)seguir, prosseguir v int
 After lunch in the restaurant, they proceeded to the bookshop.
dog [sb] vtr figurative, informal, often passive (trouble)seguir, perseguir vt
 The problem has been dogging me for days.
 O problema tem me seguido (or: perseguido) há dias.
dog [sb] vtr informal, figurative (follow)seguir, perseguir vt
 They dogged him all the way home.
run vtr (chase) (correr atrás)perseguir, seguir vt
 The dogs were running a fox.
run vtr (follow) (deixar-(se) levar)seguir vt
  deixar correr loc vt
 We should just let events run their course.
follow [sth] vtr (watch)seguir vt
 They followed her every move.
keep vtr (continue on)continuar, prosseguir, seguir vt
 Keep going straight and you will find the store.
tail [sb/sth] vtr informal (follow)seguir vt
  espionar vt
 The spy tailed the official to find out whom he was working with.
 O espião seguiu o oficial para descobrir para quem trabalhava.
shadow [sb] vtr (follow)seguir, perseguir, acompanhar vt
 The detective shadowed the suspect.
shadow [sb] vtr (be apprentice to)seguir vt
 Ken shadowed the chef for two years before working on his own.
follow [sth] vtr (obey: a route, pattern, etc.)seguir vt
  obedecer vt
 Alina carefully followed the knitting pattern for the pullover.
 Aline seguiu com cuidado o padrão de tricô do pulôver.
trace [sth] vtr (follow course of)seguir vt
  rastrear vt
 Robert traced the course of events leading to the crisis.
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Formas compostas:
bring up the rear v expr (follow)ir na retaguarda expres
  seguir atrás v int + adv
 I'll blaze a trail through the jungle. You bring up the rear.
 Eu abro caminho pela selva. Tu segues atrás.
carry on vi phrasal (continue doing [sth])seguir em frente loc v int
  continuar v int
 She carried on as if nothing had happened.
ensue vi (follow, be subsequent) (formal)suceder-se, seguir-se vp
  vir em seguida loc verb
 The argument that ensued after the meeting went on for over an hour.
ensue from vtr (be a result or consequence of) (ser resultado ou consequência)seguir-se a vp
follow vi (come next after [sth])seguir-se vp
 What follows is an example of how not to proceed.
follow [sb] vtr (imitate, be like [sb])seguir o exemplo de loc vt
 She follows her mother in being very talkative.
follow [sb] around vtr phrasal sep (trail [sb])seguir por todo canto loc vt
 He followed me around all day.
follow in [sb]'s footsteps,
follow in the footsteps of [sb]
v expr
figurative (do as [sb] else has done)seguir os passos de alguém expres
 She followed in her mother's footsteps and became an artist.
follow in [sb]'s footsteps v expr (take the same career path as [sb] else.)seguir os passos de alguém expres
 He wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps and become a football player.
follow on the heels of [sb] v expr figurative (do the same as [sb](figurado)seguir os passos de loc vt
 The young singer wanted to follow on the heels of his famous father.
follow on [sb]'s heels v expr figurative (do the same as [sb](figurado)seguir os passos de loc vt
follow one another v (come one after the other)seguir um ao outro loc vt
follow [sb]'s example vi (do the same as [sb] else)seguir o exemplo de alguém
 I'm going to follow Maria's example and spend more time working with the community.
follow suit vi figurative (do the same, copy: [sb] else)seguir o exemplo loc vt
  ir atrás loc vt
 He was such a copycat; if his brother did something he would always follow suit. After the first bank started giving away toasters, the rest of the banks followed suit.
 Ele era tão copião que, se seu irmão fizesse algo, ele sempre seguia o exemplo. Depois que o primeiro banco começou a distribuir torradeiras, os outros bancos seguiram o exemplo.
 Ele era tão copiador que se seu irmão fizesse algo ele sempre ia atrás. Depois que o primeiro banco começou a distribuir torradeiras os outros bancos foram atrás.
follow the crowd vi (copy what others are doing) (copiar)seguir a multidão
 She was truly unique, always refusing to follow the crowd.
follow the rules vi (obey instructions) (atuar de acordo com as regras)seguir as regras
 Most things work more smoothly when we all follow the rules. He was a maverick who thought he didn't have to follow the rules.
forge ahead vi (move forward with determination) (com determinação, resolução)seguir em frente, tomar a dianteira loc v int
 Forge ahead and don't let your depression get the best of you.
go by vi phrasal (move past)passar vt
  seguir adiante loc vt
 The crowd watched as the parade went by.
go into [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative, informal (pursue a career in [sth])seguir carreira em loc vt + prep
  (informal)fazer carreira loc vt
go straight on v expr (continue ahead)seguir direto loc v int
 Go straight on till you reach the next lights, then turn left.
go straight on doing [sth] v expr informal (continue to do [sth])seguir adiante loc v int
 Jill decided to go straight on doing what she loved to do.
go with the crowd v expr figurative (do what everyone else does)seguir a multidão loc v int
  (informal)ser maria vai com as outras loc v int
 You can make up your own mind, or you can go with the crowd.
hurry on vi (make one's way speedily)passar, seguir com pressa loc v int
hurry through vi (move hastily)passar, seguir com pressa loc v int
 I turned up the collar of my raincoat and hurried through the rain-swept streets.
jump on the bandwagon,
climb on the bandwagon
v expr
figurative, informal (do [sth] because it is popular) (gíria: fazer algo porque é popular)entrar na onda, ser maria vai com as outras expres
  (fazer algo porque é popular)fazer como todo mundo, seguir a maioria expres
  (informal)aderir à moda expres
 If you believe in the cause, great, but don't just jump on the bandwagon.
keep driving vi (drive straight ahead) (direção: continuar adiante)seguir em frente v int
 When you see a hitchhiker, do you stop to pick him up or just keep driving?
move on to [sth] vi phrasal + prep figurative (progress to) (figurativo)seguir em frente loc v int
  progredir v int
 After the children have mastered addition they will move on to division.
move on vi phrasal informal, figurative (accept change) (figurativo)seguir em frente loc v int
 Roger is ready to move on after his divorce.
onward and upward,
onwards and upwards
figurative (expressing intention to keep succeeding)levantar a cabeça e seguir em frente expres
 We've done well, but have to keep things going. Onwards and upwards!
play on vi phrasal (continue to make music) (música)continuar a tocar loc vt
  (informal)seguir tocando vt
plow ahead (US),
plough ahead (UK)
vi phrasal
figurative (make progress with difficulty)seguir em frente loc v int
push forward vi phrasal (keep advancing) (continuar avançando)seguir em frente loc vt
  avançar vt
  evoluir vt
 Hannibal's army pushed forward over the Alps.
push forward with vtr phrasal 3-part (proceed with: [sth] despite obstacles) (proceder com: algo, apesar dos obstáculos)seguir em frente com loc vt
  levar adiante loc vt
  ir em frente loc vt
 She did not receive enough financial aid, but pushed forward with her educational plans anyway.
run vi (migrate)migrar vt
  (peixes)seguir em cardumes loc v int
 The salmon run in the spring.
stay on course v expr (keep going in the right direction)seguir na trilha expres
  manter-se no caminho expres
thereupon adv formal (immediately after that)logo após loc adv
  logo a seguir loc adv
 The queen thereupon waved her hand in dismissal.
wend your way v expr (go, proceed)seguir caminho expres v
 The protesters wended their way up 14th Street.
what lies ahead? interj (what will happen in the future)o que vem a seguir? interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 With these guys in office who knows what lies ahead?
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