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selvagem savage, coarse person, wild, rough, uncivilized
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wild adj (animal: untamed) sem domesticarselvagem adj
 Tigers are wild animals.
 Os tigres são animais selvagens.
wild adj (natural) naturalselvagem adj
 I like to let my garden grow wild.
badass, bad-ass adj slang (bad tempered, fierce)selvagem adj
 That badass fighter over there's looking at you, Sasha.
 That roller coaster was bad-ass!
savage adj (brutal)selvagem adj
savage adj (extremely violent)selvagem adj
savage n (barbarian)selvagem sm
savage n figurative ([sb] uncivilized)selvagem sm
wild adj (growing without cultivation)selvagem, inculto adj
 We used to pick wild flowers for our mom.
wild adj (uncivilized) incivilizadoselvagem, bárbaro adj
 The Wild West could be a dangerous place.
 O Velho Oeste era um lugar selvagem (or: bárbaro).
heathen adj pejorative (uncivilized, barbaric) pejorativobárbaro, selvagem adj
pagan n pejorative (heathen, [sb] non-religious) pejorativo: gentiobárbaro, selvagem sm
feral adj (savage, fierce)selvagem, brutal adj
brutish adj (coarse, not civilized)estúpido, selvagem adj
 animalesco, bestial adj
uncivilized adj (savage, primitive)incivilizado, rústico, selvagem adj
wildcat n (undomesticated cat)gato-bravo loc sm
 gato-montês, gato-selvagem sm
wildcat n (feral domestic cat)gato selvagem loc sm
wildflower n (flower that grows in fields, etc.)flor selvagem loc sf
 flor silvestre loc sf
widgeon n (variety of duck)pato selvagem loc sm
bighorn sheep n (wild sheep with large horns)carneiro-selvagem sm
 Bighorn sheep roam wild in the Rocky Mountains.
noble savage n archaic (primitive indigenous person) arcaicobom selvagem loc sm
 Many important political writers of the 18th century were influenced by the myth of the "noble savage.".
fierce adj (animal)feroz, selvagem adj
vicious adj (person, dog)feroz, selvagem, mau adj
wild and wooly selvagem e sem lei
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